30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Speed work Fail. total fail!

This work out was not at all what it looked like on paper.

On paper it looked kind of basic.  1 mile warm up 3 1 mile repeats “run fast” 60 second rest between miles.  cool down.

In reality this turned into a real total fail.

It started last night.  We went out to Beef O’Brady’s.  Mostly to watch the Olympics, but also to see Syracuse win at the last minute!  I admit, I am kind of understanding how men love sports bars now…I mean…you can watch multiple events ALL AT ONE TIME.

While there I ate some things…that I really shouldn’t have.



I woke up this morning with my stomach in revolt.  Ah well. SO strike one for Speed work…..

Sooo I have been having a load of work problems.  Today did not improve on the major aggravating problem.  However, there was some pretty darn great news that boosted my morale, and the morale of many others.   So that boosted my mood, but I had already been up since 4 am actually looking at the job market.  Strike Two

My super focus on my job frustrations meant that I was not at all focused on what I actually needed to do for this afternoon workout.  5 minutes before leaving the house for work, i grabbed shorts a shirt and a bra.  Strike Three.  I forgot my Advocare “Spark”  which I love to drink, even if it is a MMM kind of thing.

I got to the gym and was feeling kinda unenthusiastic.  We had a temperature drop and we were FREEZING. For the rest of the world this would feel like a spring day but a 20 degree drop…Brrrr.  Plus there were wind gusts…  wind.  Gusting.  Cold.

I ran a mile outside. It was slow but not horrible..my calves were feeling it from the tempo yesterday and there is something about that particular one mile route that always leaves me feeling a bit deflated.

got on the treadmill  whew no wind gusting.

I started at a ace close to my tempo run the other day.  Well.  I got to about 0.8 miles into the one mile repeat and I was toast. Not a speed I was able to maintain.  So I rested and started again at a pace about 10 seconds slower.  I lasted about a half a mile.  I am now dripping…I mean dripping with sweat. (And wheezing the Singulair is am important part of my running.)  I decide to talk to the coach.  Now I am about 100% sure at this point he is going to tell me to forget it…or to do half mile repeats…or something….

Surprise of my week.  He fiddled about trying to remember what the workout was and then looked at me and said, Looks like you need to run slower until you can complete the mile repeats.  Every time you stop- you need to start again but slower.  I was like, Can I just not do it?   He looked at me and said, No.  I was surprised and at that point very annoyed because frankly, I did not want to do this workout, and I wanted permission to quit…he wasn’t budging.  I turned to go back to my torture, and he said,  “Oh yeah..you can do it.”  In such a way that all his patients around him bust out laughing.  The “Rah rah” encouragement is not his style. If he thought I couldn’t do it he wouldn’t have asked me to.

Guess I am not injured anymore.

I did one more mile at a SUPER SLOW pace.  felt horribly defeated…got off the TM and started walking to the front of the gym…saw him staring and boring holes into me with his eyes.  After a few minutes talking to my friend at the front desk….I managed to get back on the mill and complete the rest.

Was this a quality speed workout?  Uhh.  NO.  I ran almost all the repeats at a pace similar to my MP goal pace or a bit slower.  The point was to do it to completion.  I think.

When I got home I sent coach an email thanking him for not letting me quit.  A couple hours later I get his response,  “Well duh, thats what I’m here for.”

That workout sucked.  And this means I’ll be getting to know it quite well over the next few months.


  1. I give you a lot of credit just for working out when you don’t feel like it. There have been times where I didn’t feel like going to karate class and came close to turning around and driving home…except traffic was so heavy, I couldn’t move out of my lane to make a U turn. 😀

    The job market might be better for you with your medical background. Good luck!

    • mizunogirl

      LOL, if I wanted until I felt like doing anything…very little would get done.
      Getting a job as a Nurse is not an issue, there are always opportunities when you have the liscence. I just want to be very very careful right now. I have a good position, though stressful, and if I can get through this one hurdle…things will improve,

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