30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Just keep swimming.

The weather today did not cooperate with the actual forecast, or with my workout.



This is a painting by a group of artists known as “The Florida Highwaymen” Click for more info…pretty cool bunch of dudes, and one lady.

On the workout was 3000 yards or meters swimming.  The weather outside looked like the painting.  The pool here doesn’t close unless there is lightning or no visibility.  So Long course was open for my almost 2 miles of swimming.

I had gotten off work early and that part of things was enjoyable, plus I’ve slept GREAT for 2 nights, so I felt pretty good.  So I swam, and swam and swam, until I could swim “no more”  well, until the workout was done.  Water was heated but boy every bit of me that poked out of the water wasn’t.

So getting out and getting into the inside was the usual sprint challenge!

the 4 tops still waters in honor of Black History Month.

I showered immediately to try to remove excess chlorine from my hair.  My hair has become incredibly chlorine damaged by my failure to do that.  (Often I get out of the pool to cycle or run or lift for a few more hours…ad on me, and now I must try all these chlorine removal remedies linked to here) Anyone else successfully repaired severely damaged hair?

I then went to attempt to lift weights.  This week the weights have been my conundrum.  I felt enthusiastic, but each time I started to do them…I just stopped.  FINALLY today I got in a decent workout.

So super pleased with my day.

Only concern…My Coach is handling me with kid gloves.  He is so concerned that I may reinjure or injure myself.  It makes him super cautious.  Part of me enjoys his fussing and concern, but the other part of me says, Let’s get on with it already.

Training….get the training on that is.  🙂



  1. I’ve never damaged my hair with chlorine, but I did once get a bad perm that burned my hair and made it all frizzy. (Remember Jheri curls from the 80s?) I was in tears when I saw another hairdresser recommended by a coworker. He cut all of my hair off so it was just a few inches short of my scalp, then he put some sort of creamy conditioner on it and made me sit in his chair for 15 minutes. He rinsed it off with cool water and gently styled it with a blower. I then had to buy this special shampoo and conditioner (it cost $50 on top of the amount of money spent on the repair job). It worked, but never again did I get my hair permed.

    I guess I’m saying, try seeing a professional hairdresser, someone who has experience in fixing chemically-damaged hair. A good one knows how to repair it and make it look decent while it’s growing back.

    • I’ve wanted to go and get it cut etc, but the time factor is too much lately. Luckily a friend with some odd connections gave me a HUGE grocery tote full of Redken Hair products. They are gradually working, I think…Maybe. I’m not so sure I’m willing to have my hair all cut off short. I look terrible with shorter hair!

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