30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

speed success

Thursday.  Speed work.  Treadmill.

Again work is driving me crazy.  I kind of want a different job  but…I am not sure what that would be.

Anyway because of a Work Retreat on Saturday ( Retreat- code word for 8 hour meeting)  I have to take a lot of extra time off this week that I did not plan on taking, so I am really under the gun to get some work done.  And people are being kind of well like people are.  This week I fielded so many questions about things that are actually not the big fish to fry in Infection control that I wanted to pull out my hair, or actually their hair.  I am also left with wondering if they do not have enough to do, because…well, I got stuff for them to do, if they are that bored. And it isn’t wonder about wether a sticker is on a chart or not.  It’s enforce policies that count.

I fielded phone calls the entire time after I clocked out anyway.


At noon, I hit the gym.

We had a temperature drop and it was kind of Chilly and rainy out for my taste.  I did a short 1.2 mile warm up outside and then took it inside to do the 400 repeats on the TM with music and no rain. The track is still messed up under construction.  It did need it, but.

400 meter repeats are sort of fun for me.  All last year once a week I did 6-8-10 Yasso’s for speed work.  Mostly in the summer when it was so hot. We would do them at 5 am in the dark and emerge from the track like creatures from the swamp.

V1 Swamp statue 1923 edit DSC_0124_4379


Yes, we really looked like this, but with shorts and wet T shirts.  Click here to see the blog spot site for more info on the sculptress.

So, after my back injury my coach seems to be pitying me and giving me the 400 repeats.  So short.  So much easier to manage.

I was concerned today because my lunch choice of chili was iffy.  In addition, the warm up mile went pretty poorly.  I think it was because I was purposely trying to run really SLOW.  My right hip was being a bit problematic as well, so there was all that swirling around as I mounted the treadmill for the second half of the workout.  In addition…I knew 100% that my workout was observed by the coach.  He was working on a patient for the entire workout- something with her neck  and looked surprised to see me at this hour. So I know, given that he wasn’t moving around…he was watching.  Made me a bit anxious.

In the end, they went better than I expected.  So I am very very pleased with them.   It’s a funny thing about picking a speed on a TM.  I started with a speed that I thought was my max, and things went well.  On my second interval I dropped it a notch and found it almost impossible to maintain- that speed just hurt.  Third interval I went back to the faster one and again, easier.  Coach said it probably matched my cadence better.  I dunno.

I had planned on weights, but I changed my shirt to a dry one, then had a conversation with my coach about his heart issues and my half marathon in November.  and I just didn’t have the heart to do weights.  Tomorrow…for certain.  I am very excited about being already approved to run the 1/2 in November.  Last year we went back and forth about it…and of course injury kind of prevented it anyway.  This time round he said, by November you will be deep in long runs for your marathon, and the 13 will be a breeze…yeah.  we’ll see.  He did look worried when he said marathon.  I don’t know that he enjoyed December rehab your client any more than I did.

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  1. I love the swamp creature sculpture…. LOL@ your quip re shorts and t-shirts.

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