30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Messed up Tuesday

I couldn’t get out of bed this morning.  I could not sleep last night.  My sports massage has a pattern.  Post massage my knees and other joints hurt.  I should have taken motrin but I was being stubborn and thinking if I just slept it would improve.

I just couldn’t sleep though because things were hurting.  In addition, I had to go back to work and that apparently was making me a bit stressed.

Work turned out to be fine, though the hospital is truly in a bit of crisis due to some events that thankfully had nothing to do with me or my department.

I had to do both swim and weights after work. I will NOT do this to myself again.  I got the swim done.  Then I ran into a good good friend from work and we talked for a good 20-30 mins.  After that any enthusiasm for the weights was gone gone gone.



I also noted it was later in the day than I wanted.  So I went to coach.  I asked if I could renegotiate something, he said…”Probably no, but what is it?”  So I asked to move weights to Wednesday and Friday this week…He said, Oh..yeah OK on that.

I feel so absolutely  LAZEE…

Well, there is always tomorrow.  Right?


  1. Isn’t massage supposed to relieve pain? It doesn’t seem right that you should hurt so much afterwards.

    You’re probably not lazy: your body may be saying it wants a break!

    • It’s a little strange. We have been working on my back problem, and it seems to have a pattern in that it hurts after, but usually the next day I feel fantastic. It’s kind of strange. Last week, i was thinking. Oh Can’t do that again, but then the long term results were fantastic…So, I think actually this week I am just a ball of nerves…

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