30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Handed my own ass to myself today

Today was a tough workout. I had the day off for bereavement leave, which is a bit of a strange thing  as I do actually feel bereaved, and being at home – not on my regular schedule- did nothing to improve this feeling.  :/

I miss Grandma…or the idea of Grandma or something like that.

Anyway, yesterday I told the coach that I did have the day off and that I could do a longer workout if he would allow it.

He obliged.

MuchObligedJeevesOh my did he ever oblige that request.  (Is this proper grammar?  I am unsure, leaving it in anyway.)

The workout seemed to take 3 hours, but in reality it took about 1.5-2 hours.  I just had some fiddling moments as I got to the gym at lunch hour and a lot of people I know from work were giving me the look…I guess I am not supposed to go to the gym while on leave. Sometimes living in a very microscopic town is a problem.

I swam, then hopped out and ran…then hopped back in and swam, then again out and ran.

Covered about 2 miles in the pool and 3 on the tarmac.

By the end I had generated a ton of laundry…I got a sun burn…(yes, I live in Florida, I know it is February but I got a sunburn because I forgot sunscreen., my Massage guy noted it.) and I felt as if I had been placed in a washing machine a few times…



Made some commentary tot he coach about this being a tough one. He replied that it was AWESOME…we parted ways.

I do hope this helped in the fitness building arena.  and I will be glad to be back at work tomorrow.  bereavement leave did allow me to process the situation a bit, and it allowed me some much needed focused study time, but I need to be back at work- if only to avoid that kind of a workout again!


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