30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Whew, exhausted.

So so tired today.

I stayed up late watching the Gabby Douglas story on Lifetime Last night.

To be honest, I will say it wasn’t that worth it.  I saw a bit more on Lifetime this morning and that was more candid and interesting.  I remember watching her in the 2012 Olympics and really loving her.  I learned her whole story then and the Lifetime movie really didn’t embellish any more than that, which in a way was nice..not a really huge “tell-all”  for an 18 yr old.

As a result, I had trouble sleeping.  Thus I got up a bit late, and everything was a bit off.

My run went well.  I had only 6 on the docket today.  At about mile 4 I started to feel really TIRED.  My IT band on my left which never disturbs me, made itself known for a bit there until I adjusted my form.  I finished off the run and hit the gym for 30 minutes of slow stationary cycling.  This is when tired really hit me.  My quads hurt.  I wanted to lay my head down on the bike and shut my eyes while I cycled. After the cycle, I declined the foam roller and just went home.

sleeping-runnerYou would think I’d have no problem looking like this guy.  Yeah.  about that.  I’m tired, but find it very very hard to sleep during the day.  SO…Ugh.  I am instead studying for my certification exam, fooling about writing blog posts, and wishing I looked more like the guy above…


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