30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Wednesday’s child


Wednesday was Cray Cray.

If you see my other blog, you know my Grandma has passed away.

6a00c2252b4cdb549d00cdf3a2b95ecb8fHere is Grandma and I in 2006, As you can see I was letting my ‘fro flag fly.  Grandma wasn’t.   I will miss my Grandma. She reached the age of 96, in good health except for the past 10 or so days.  So, I admit, while I am sad that my Grandma is no longer living on this earth, I really feel that this is not that sad.  She had a good long life, and I firmly believe she is in a much better place today than last week.

So I have been dealing with this,  know it should make me sad, but I really do feel ok.  So training has to go on.

Today was Tempo Wednesday.  I ran it.

It was windy cold and wet this morning.  I considered the treadmill, but I have a speed workout on the treadmill tomorrow.  So I decided if I could bear the weather, I should today.  Plus…running a tempo up and down hills is very helpful.  Running on a flat TM…less so.

As I headed out the gym door, the front desk lady called out… “but it’s raining”  Which was very motivational…suddenly I wanted to be tougher and so I shrugged and sauntered out there.

It was raining a tiny bit and cooler and windy…

Belgian painter  Cels created this tiny scene, and my town looked just like this in the morning today.

1998.26_framed_SL1My run which I expected to be terrible turned out to be the best I’ve had in weeks, so that was encouraging.

I then went to work, where we had overcrowding problems, behavioral issues, and a variety of other issues.  My day was just not working well.  In the end it all worked out fine, but every few minutes, I was dealing with problems.

My Boss is really into the niceties of society.  Apparently funerals follow under this, so a great deal of attention was paid to me, which maybe didn’t need to be.  I was mostly trying to get things done.

After work, I headed to the gym.  Coach and I had an enjoyable talk, mostly about Pee valves for dry suits.  (Man oh man, we are an odd bunch of folks.) Eventually he reminded me that I had a cycle on the schedule.  So I cycled.  nothing to see there.

I’m pleased with my tempo run.  I’m having a bit of guilt about going about my regular life feeling ok even though my grandmother is no longer with us.  But I’m also kind of not so sure what I can do.  I have to function, nothing I do is going to bring her back, and I am not so sure that “bringing her back”  at age 96 is something she would want.  I think she was ready for heaven.

So it’s all going along splendidly.


  1. I didn’t know your grandmother, but I suspect she would probably be okay with that, going on with your life after she died. The funeral proprieties and grief are for us, the living. The dead are beyond caring what we do. I always thought my mother skipped right out of here when she died, without a single glance backwards. She was ready to move on and didn’t need our giant bouquets of flowers, the fancy funeral, or even our tears. If your grandmother was at peace with her life, she may have been glad to leave this plane as well.

    • P.S. That is a really cute picture of the two of you!

  2. mizunogirl

    thanks! It was taken after I ran I think my first race as an adult! Given the current weather situation, I am now kind of hunkering down!

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