30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Well,  Tuesday was a little bit boring…

I swam a little over a mile.

To save myself some time I did it in the morning, so I could do some weights training in the afternoon.



I am pleased to report, even in the kind of dank dark environment of the morning, I didn’t have any panic of sharks and or eels, which is a good thing.  There are never sharks or eels in a swimming pool full of chlorine.  I have to admit the swim was kind of boring after a few weeks of panic, but it went fine.

I got out and had a very nice hot shower.  And then went and had a few minutes to relax before work.  Actually I got a bit too relaxed and was almost late, which is kind of funny since I’d been on hospital property since about 6 am.

After work I went right back to the gym for the weights workout.  These have been VERY challenging since my demise in December. I find they are so difficult that after one superset, I often want to simply stop.  Today, I was lucky, my coach saw me mid fist set and stopped by to chat.  We discussed some running stuff…then he popped a bizarre question to me, about diving apparently.    It is the week of male genitalia.  Whatever.  I expressed my displeasure at rebuilding fitness.  He expressed his displeasure at having me back in rehab all through December.  He told me to simply look back at some of our email conversations when things were going well, and to give it a bit more time.  Looks like I can register for the March 1st race.  He looked at me and said, well…you will clearly be able to run the 10K distance, but you just won’t be in shape yet.  Grrrrr.

I finished my workout.

Yes it had a lot of fun and interesting stuff on it.  Stuff I might like if I was in some semblance of shape.

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