30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Monday Mood Lifter.

I awoke today feeling slightly better than the entire weekend.  Whew!


I got my plan Sunday night, and also a separate “joke” email from my coach, so that actually cheered me up a little bit.  Part of me still didn’t want much to workout and most of me really did not want to go to work.  SO…

It is massage Monday, which means if I have any hope for a workout it is in the wee hours of the morning.

I rose at 4:20 and walked the wonder dog.

Ate some oatmeal..

and enjoyed the fruits of yesterdays planning.  I put on the outfit I had laid out and picked up my pre-packed gym bag and lunch and headed out the door.  So Simple.  I need to do that more often.

Once I got to the gym…I hopped on the cycle and churned away.  It was raining intermittently, which is unusual in winter.  It’s actually our dry season here- we don’t really get 4 seasons, we just get Wet (summer) and Dry(Winter).  The rain is probably from the Polar vortex thing up north.

After the cycle, I hopped off the bike and headed outside.  It was 61 degrees, but there was this funny cold fog all over everything.  So..



To Learn more about the artist who created the above image, Fujiko Nakaya, Click Here!

I ran.  It was kind of a tough one. It was a short short run, and I wanted to go fast fast fast, but…I was also kind of beat up from Saturday and Sunday.  So in the end it ended up alright.

Reward was a Hot shower.  Yahoo!  I stayed in a little longer than I should have- apologies to the environmentalists, I really am about saving clean water…but that shower was the best ever.

I do not think it was the run, but when I got to work…things were really much better than I expected.

High light (or low light if you will) of the day was threading a fiberoptic catheter through this hideous model of a penis and male bladder.  We are looking at a new machine.  It was all done in the administrative boardroom, and I glanced up for a moment and I could see the Admin secretaries kind of looking with that incredulous look that we could all be in there with straight faces.  I had a bit of trouble, but beside the Chief Nursing Officer, I had no option but to stay quite serious…

Massage Monday was AWESOME.  My Massage Therapist was on a mission to free my hip, and free it he did.  I’m glad I switched massage guys.

Feeling also better about Tuesday though now…I need to do the planning and packing and all that AGAIN.  You would think Once would be enough!

Hoping Tomorrow will also show an improvement in my mood.  No running tomorrow.  Pool and weights. whee!

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  1. You are brave. I don’t think I could ever get up in front of an audience and thread a catheter like that, even if it was on a dummy.

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