30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Speed work revisited.

I was a little surprised to see speed work suddenly show up on my plan.


It was not like my typical 800 meter repeats.  It was just some 400’s  but I recognized it as speed work just the same. I think when done correctly 400’s can be tough…but for me the 800 is always tougher because I can gut it out for a quarter, but to gut it for a half, I gotta put some pacing in.

This morning was pretty cold for us Floridians.  38 degrees and a bitter wind a whipping around.  I forgot to set an alarm so woke at 4:45. Just on the edge of enough time, but I really hate feeling rushed and I didn’t particularly like the idea of being out in the wind.  So I used the time to study for certification.

I made it to work right on time and had a maddening day.  I am having a lot of problems at work- mostly there is a lot of demand and not a lot of supply and I am finding it hard to even figure out what is going on.  We are trending up and down on things and I have no good recommendations to fix our trends up unless the organization wants to spend cash.  SO…you know…it was not a fun day.

SO I got to the gym, and one cool thing was that the weather was now PERFECT for running.  so I ran a bit outside and then came inside to do my 400 repeats.  Wow.  I am still out of shape.

Each repeat started out the same way.  For  about a 10th of a mile I felt fine, great…thought…oh not fast enough…then by about the second tenth, I was wanting to cry out to Jesus a bit.

So.  Good workout for me.  I gotta lose some weight and I’ll be running a bit faster.

After I did a half asses weight workout which will probably leave me sore as can be tomorrow.

Love how these guys make it look easy…

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