30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Wednesday…banished the grumpies.

Wow.  It was BRISK this morning.

38 degrees.

I was pretty darn snug in my bed.



Seriously.  I felt like a toasty cinnamon bun.  I wanted to sleep more, but I was awake.  I had had a very realistic, yet insane dream and I spent my first 10 minutes of awake time, laying in the warm bed, trying to figure out if I was going to have to go to the FBI.  SUCH A relief when I realized…

Unknown-2After realizing that I was indeed awake, I got up and shuffled around.  Got ready for running.  The last thing I wanted to do was run.  It was a short tempo run and I realized too I was entirely terrified.  I wasn’t sure I could keep up a tempo pace…It also seemed like, errr, speed work- my nemesis.  (uh oh, speed work is actually tomorrow.  :()  Oh crud.

Anyway, I started running.  It was really cold and the air felt different as I breathed it in.  Less thick…and of course cold.  I concentrated on just running at a consistent pace that “felt” challenging.  The sun was up, so I felt on display and since it was cold, I had pulled out my Hind purple tight/capri get up.  Oh yeah…these tights are cool…but I always feel like a purple people eater in them.

At the top of the hill I looked at my watch and I was pretty sure that something was off.  The time was FANTASTIC.  And then I went charging down the hill…It beeped for one mile and I ran a tiny bit further and turned around.  I then had to charge right up the hill again.

At the end of the run I was feeling pretty good.

After work I had a 45 minute cycle.  I checked in with my coach, luckily no mention of my apparently nasty behavior yesterday.  I told him how the cold run had been and he made me laugh.  He reminded me that he wants my marathon to be a cold one.  He said he’s had enough of me finishing races and that he wants this year to be a PR year.  (TRANSLATION:  whole lotta miserable speed work coming up). I was relieved that he wasn’t remaining angry with me, sometimes having the coach is kind of like having either a babysitter or an overly involved brother.  So…even though we are only running everything kind gets in there and such.

I met a friend and struggled with the cycle.   She always does a different program than I do but it was super nice to have someone to look over at and groan as I was trying for a fast cycle.  I ended up at 17 MPH which for me is acceptably fast.

This was a good day, and I’m so glad the running is finally showing up like it used to.  Whoo Hoo…not looking forward to tomorrows speed work.


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  1. I’m sure your coach has seen worse attitude, if he’s had a lot of experience working with all sorts of people. We all have bad days, though it’s always good to acknowledge when our behavior or words were over the top.

    My son would have said your 17 mph on the bike was pretty good. He claims he can keep up with traffic on city streets, though I confess I don’t want to be there when he starts weaving in and out between cars.

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