30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Grumpy Tuesday?

Today was a fantastically good day at work.

My problem with formatting was given to the Administrative Assistant, who after grumbling about it, adopted it as a project and is going after it with all rockets firing.  I am so happy because I really do not have those skills and Man oh Man, she does!

I finished the Year Plan and Risk assessment.  I passed it all along to my boss so now that mess is off my shoulders too.

All that is left is Intracycle Monitoring for the Joint Commission.

And Studying for my certification- which is kind of weighing on me.

After work, I made my way to the pool.

Darn it.  Pool was freezing.  and Suddenly a cold wind picked up. (We are having a cold front, and temps into the 30’s so..wind has to blow the cold in.)  I did a modified version of the workout given me.  I completed all the swimming yardage but I actually misunderstood the command to sprint 1000 yards.  Thats like 40 laps.  It was a bit hard to pace myself.  So I ended up doing 4 sets of 250 hard.

The cool down felt fantastic as I was suddenly no longer struggling to get enough oxygen in.

Got out of the pool and BAM!  the wind hit me.  BRRRRRR.

I then went into the gym to do my weights workout and give my coach the 20.00 I owed him.  We had a conversation, and I was cranky, apparently very cranky, because he sent me an email asking me if I disliked someone- cause I was a bit irritated about something.  He said someone was laughing at me, I turned round, never did see them…Problem is I don’t know who that person is still….so I was just irritated at the “being laughed at” thing.  I was a little bit tired, and hungry and just wanted to talk to the coach.  Most of the time most people do not understand my training.  They assume it is nuts, so they tease a lot..OR, they try to turn my goals into something understandable…like  all of a sudden they talk to me about my goal of weight loss.  (which I don’t have)  or adding steps to my day (again, i don’t have such a goal.)

I did the weights workout.  I was interrupted during set number 3 by the coach telling me to freaking lift faster.


No wonder I’m cranky.  I was actually feeling great, until I got the email from him asking if I had animosity…

Tomorrow is another day right?


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