30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Grumpy Monday

Man oh man…

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

I did not take enough time yesterday preparing for work/workout/massage Monday.

So as a result…I ended up feeling rushed and extraordinarily irritated as I made my way to the gym.

It was a bit cold this morning and we had a fog advisory.

5am37The art is from something called The Charlestown Renniassance.  If interested Click HERE. 

I got to the gym…threw on my cycle shorts and rode for 50 minutes in the gym.  This was the irritation.  My legs on Monday are always a little tired.  Today..no exception.  I rode anyway and tried to push the pace.  The music was OK…but not super fantastic…and so that didn’t help.

I got off the bike feeling kind of entirely deflated.  I just felt like this was just not where I wanted to be.

I made my way to the locker room and changed into my shoes, and went outside where it was actually just cold enough to be slightly uncomfortable standing around. (especially because I was so sweaty.)  My Garmin eventually cranked out the “I got signals sign”  and off I went.  I felt slow.  The fog was swirling, and it was both wet and cold.  I had a few thoughts about the fact that it was dark, and I might do better on the treadmill.  I then just continued running.  It was not an easy run.  Various parts of my body took turns with burning painful sensations…gastrocs, quads…even hamstrings a bit.  I kind of wimped along and walked on a few hills. I felt breathless.  I hit the halfway point and turned around.  Sun was up but visibility remained at almost nil with the fog.  I finished up the run with a valiant effort up Hospital hill, which left me truly gasping.  It’s not a bad hill, but it never really works for me.

I looked at my time and noted with a tiny bit of pride.  (Ah Hubris)  that I was actually 3 seconds per mile faster than normal.  Could be a fluke of the garmin.  I was pleased though that this came about on very tired legs.

It was a short, somewhat physically uncomfortable run. As soon as I hit the showers, I felt much more at peace with the world.  No more Grumpy/Grouch.  It was great to shake that off before I hit work and bit anyone’s head off.



Thank you God for designing us for running!!!!


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