30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Non-training training.

I realized today that I am just kind of training to train.  It’s kind of annoying. 

I have no races on the schedule.  My running miles are increasing at an inchworm speed…and I just feel like I’m doing workouts with no purpose.  Yes.  I’m getting fitter, and faster, but for what?  

Today I had a bike and a Run.  It said not a brick.  Last night my intention was to go do a spin at 5 am at the gym and then run after work.  This morning, however was SO cold (ha ha, it was 43 F…I am a wuss!)  that I snuggled under my comforters and decided to just do both after work. 

Puppy-snuggling-under-the-covers-with-his-buddy.Yeah, it seemed like a good good idea at the time. After work, all I wanted to do was actually crawl back under the covers.  I have a number of projects that are irritating at work, and they are all getting partially done, but not fully done, so it’s kind of one of those things…and then my Boss wanted to talk at me about her back in the day life.  I made the mistake of complaining about the Secretary who is there to support both myself and my boss, but seems to think she is only there for my Boss.  The secretary may be in for a surprise.  My Boss is trying to make things a bit easier for me as she has realized that this job while it is interesting and good…is not a hill I’m prepared to die on.  She doesn’t want to ever have to do it again in an interim period, so it behooves her to make me happy, but I digress….

The last 45 minutes of work felt kind of like someone was slowly sucking my soul from me…

So it’s no wonder when I got to doing my run I felt kind of Meh.  I also realized I forgot my ipod so it was a silent kind of a run.  It went better than I expected in the end, and I enjoyed the 64 degree weather….it was almost a touch too hot.  

After I ran inside and started the 50 minute grind session on the bike trainer.  I can’t ride my bike well enough to get in a solid 50 minute session, plus the sun went down.  Again, no tunes.  SO this was kind of like torture because with no tunes, one must listen to the selection of music at the gym.  TO my happy surprise todays selection wasn’t as bad as usual and there was one song I wish I knew the name of, cause I’d totally drop 0.99 cents on it at iTunes.    But the cycle itself just felt gross.  It’s hard to cycle right after a run…legs felt exhausted.  Still I eventually got it done and tomorrow, I get to reverse all that and do a brick!  Yee Haw Brick brick…. 

Plus tomorrow, I’m taking the bike outside under “Cover of Darkness”  so I don’t embarrass myself TOO terribly much falling and trying to figure out the whole pedalling thing.  Crazy huh.



  1. Forty-three degrees IS cold, sez this native Californian. Yeah, I know, I saw much colder temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast, but the houses in tropic climates aren’t built for real winter weather. I’ve also said to people who’ve laughed at me for wearing a down coat in 50-degree temps, “Cold is cold, it doesn’t matter what the thermometer says.” If I feel chilled, I’m not going out without extra layers!

    Be careful about riding in the dark. I’ve hit bumps and cracks in the road that threw my balance off. My son says that goes away with practice, but I think it’s one of the drawbacks of the bicycle: it’s just two wheels flying along on momentum. When something tips you up, you fall. But looking forward to hearing more about the bike!

    • mizunogirl

      I just came back in from 20 minutes of “Coasting” on the bike. Sadly we are just going to have to cut down the seat post a bit because I still can’t get my feet on the ground. I do keep losing balance. I don’t htink we have an REI in my area, but we do have several learn to ride instructors who aren’t expensive, so I will probably have to go that route. I’m curious if any of them can actually accomplish the riding thing!

      • I wish I lived closer so we could try biking together. My bike is just a step-through or low-step frame for street cruising, nothing as sporty as yours, but I find it helps to have a friend to ride with. My son is also a good coach, though he can’t help smirking sometimes as he watches me struggle with pushing off. He says I overthink trying to ride, and he’s probably right. Once I got over being scared and just made myself do it, I pedaled off and did fine. I think you will too, with practice and a patient teacher. 🙂

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