30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Continuance of the non-training training.

This morning, under cover of darkness, I pulled my new bike out and attempted to ride.

I fell off.     A lot.

After about 20 minutes I did find that I was MAYBE balancing a bit easier, but I’m still not a rider.  So that was kind of not really encouraging, but eventually I think I will figure it out.  The road bike is harder to learn on, but…I do appreciate it for it is kind of closer to my size.  I just wish I could get the seat down just a bit more.

After that I warmed up.  Drank some coffee.  Ate a cliff bar.  I know Cliff Bars…not real food.  But yet I love them.

I hit the gym.  It was still kind of filled with new Years people though in much diminished numbers.

I was entertained by a woman about my age wearing a pair of the words on the butt pants that said “WILD”  Now, she was anything but wild.  She was so non descript, and then when listening to her locker room conversation, she did not even give off the impression that in different circumstances she might be WILD.  Really.  Who thinks those pants are a good idea?



You really have to have a certain body to pull those off.

I rode the stationary for 55 minutes.  It was a pretty good ride and I listened to one of my favorite new Toby Mac songs.  Doesn’t matter who you are, I think this one really can speak to anyone.

This has not exactly been a fantastic year.  Lots of death, expected…unexpected.  Lots of disappointment.  I’m hoping for a bit of a better 2014, but…who knows.  I am still training with no goal in mind, which is a bit deflating.  I KNOW my coach is worried about re-injury.  He wants to build me up slowly, but..I just feel so well…at a loose end without a goal.  Especially because the bicycle is not going that well.  Oh well. the stationary cycle was pretty strong today.  I then changed shoes and hit the running path.

I did my  #Megsmiles today.

just what was already on the plan.  Again I feel kind of silly saying that I Ran for Meg…because I would have run those 3.5 miles anyway.  But I did do a lot of thinking about her and her family and praying for them as I struggled in mile 3 to get up a hill.  I am surprised at the national attention that this horrible accident is getting.  (Certainly not the same attention paid to my DM friend Dale Tusen’s death, most likely because Dale’s killer was not drunk.)  All of us, runners and motorists and cyclists need to be more cautious and think ahead about where we are planning to go/be/do.

The run felt good. Not fantastic, because well, my legs were tired…they had just done essentially the same workout on Friday afternoon. Now less than 12 hours apart I was doing it again.  But that’s the real key to success…learning to run on tired legs.

I’m feeling pretty strong. Slow…But strong.  We’ll see what happens with tomorrow and the next week…


  1. When I was in San Francisco last year, I saw an older Chinese woman wearing a pair of sweatpants with PINK written across the butt. I realize that she was probably wearing a teenaged daughter’s or granddaughter’s castoffs (I wore my son’s discarded sports clothing—they were expensive and often hardly worn by the time he’d grown out of them), and I’m guessing she didn’t care what it said on the backside of her pants. Still, it was disconcerting to see such a dignified-looking woman wearing these “look at me!” pants.

    I had a similar problem with my bicycle, the seat being too high. My son said I would have a much easier time pedaling with a high seat that allowed my legs to extend, but being unable to place my feet on the ground, especially when I was stopping, was both uncomfortable and scary. My son also said road bikes were supposed to have a higher seat to allow full extension of the leg. I’ve never ridden one, so I wouldn’t know, but still, I think it’s better to ride with what you’re comfortable with, not with what the biking “experts” tell you. .:)

    • mizunogirl

      I really am struggling a bit. I just hope that eventually it will all make sense. THere are so many fun group rides etc, that I just wanna be included!

  2. I hope you have a better year…I know I would like to have a good year too. I think as long as I stay positive and make sure the mean folds don’t get under my skin…things should stay on the up and up. I gave up the whole idea of group activities…now I am just focusing on my and being a good friend to myself.

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