30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

The Bicycle Saga Continues.

I should probably explain a bit about my new road Bike.

It’s a brand Spanking New MASI Alare Belissima.

About a month or two ago, I decided to ride.  I went to a local store and got measured for a bike and promptly discovered I am fairly short.  Not “little people” status at all, but Short.  So Short- they guy actually didn’t have anything in my size at the store, except for some rentals.



I tried one of the rentals and immediately the whole bike thing seemed easier than when I was trying with my friends huge bike.  So, I put the word out.  I let people know ALL over the country that I was searching for a bike.  I Ebay-ed with the best of them, and I learned to check Craig’s list 4 times a day.  Eventually a guy from my training log sent me a link from Ebay…saying “This is you… this is your  bike”  I dutifully sent it off to my coach, as I did with all the other bikes people were sending me.

Typically my coach would send me one back saying “Wait…no rush….this is “not a deal”  the bike is used up”.

With the MASI- I got an almost immediate response saying “The looks like a.Great.Bike.”  Around the same time 2 other cyclists sent me the SAME link…and thus my interest was sparked.  Another friend of mine is an EBAY genius, and he actually placed the “Make an offer” bid on the Bike.  He wheeled and dealed a tiny bit with the Seller and we did get them to come down to a reasonable price for the bike.  So now…He, the guy from ebay, my coach and I are all wildly excited about this bicycle.

It arrived yesterday.

Bike-Box-OpenFunny, it was in a Box that said FELT.  Felt brand bikes are top of the line expensive, so I was kind of hoping there had been a shipping mix up and I had a FELT.  But no… I ripped open the box at the gym to see my beautiful bike all beautifully packaged staring at me.

And then, I could not put it together.  I didn’t have tools, and Coach was working.  He told me I’d wear the horns off a Billy Goat, and that he didn’t think he’d get to it tonight.  I knew better though…. why…

Well I saw him looking at it- with that look.

yourbikeishotSure enough I woke up at midnight for something, glanced at my phone and saw that he had finished the assembly at about 11 pm last night.  And while he did not exactly say “your bike is hot” he pretty much said everything else.  My Bike is Hot.

I on the other hand, have got to become a rider worthy of a Hot Bike!  Yikes.  Stay tuned all 10 readers!




  1. Oh dear, oh dear. I had to smile when you mentioned opening the box in excitement and then not being able to assemble the bike. I went through that with my first bicycle, which I bought off of eBay at the recommendation of my son. I called him and said, “How do I put this together? There are no instructions here!” His reaction was, “Really? Uhhh….well, I guess you’re going to have to bring it up here…or go to a bike shop and pay them to put it together.” I didn’t want to travel the thousand miles to his place, and I didn’t have money for the bike shop. I did have tools however, so I searched for instructions on how to assemble a bike on the internet. Luckily Schwinn had a basic how-to posted on their website, but it was a huge pain in the butt—I kinked the chain, and I pinched my fingers fitting the front tire into the fork. And it wasn’t even done properly: when I finally showed it to my son, he shook his head and clucked, saying it was a good thing I hadn’t ridden it much, because it would have fallen apart with the first good bump in the road.

    Anyway, I now want to see your hot bike! I think you should be super excited by now!

  2. mizunogirl

    Luckily my coach put it together and he loved it, I can tell because he rode the darn thing to work to make sure… I on the other hand, just keep falling off of it. There is a safe cycling class on February 1, which I think I’m going to enroll in. It’s 30.00 only and I think it might really benefit me…

    • REI also offers a bike-riding class for beginners, if there’s one in your area. I’m not sure how much it costs, but I was at our local store when they were holding a class, and there were people of all ages there, many of them women. It can be tough to push off and pedal, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll love it. It makes me feel like a kid again when I ride!

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