30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Weights day

Today was what I hope will be my least favorite workout of the week.


All that was on the plan was weights.

So I did just slightly more than last week’s weights workouts.

I did some of the new exercises- dead lifts, and the Turkish Get Up.  Actually after doing a few of them, I found them a bit easier to do this time around.

I also got to plank, and do crunches, and squats and lunges and all the usual stuff.



The whole workout felt pretty foreign.  I was really happy that I was able to do it in the spin room, rather than out in public.  Those Turkish Get ups make one feel ridiculous.  Especially because I’m not sure I’m doing them too well yet.

After this I went out of a sense of obligation to ask my coach if I could do the spin class. He smiled, gave me the Shaka Sign,

c5c940e0c03b5b99b63c8bd5a416c35eI was about to head back into the spin studio, but then he smiled and said, “It’s on the plan right?”  and I told him nope it wasn’t (Otherwise I would have just done it right?) then he said, “Oh not on the plan, then, NO…you can’t”  So off to home went I.  I felt very good and obedient, but the whole no cardio day did not sit well with me.  I feel like I didn’t workout.

We’ll see.  He may want me to have a rest, or he may just be worried about injury.  At any rate, my biggest concern this week anyway is trying to shed some pounds.  I have lost a bit, but not enough….




  1. Well you are certainly building muscle, and really, doing weights is a workout. I hope you like it better as you get used to the new routine.

  2. mizunogirl

    I need to do the weights, for certain…I just wish I had a cardio component too! Usually we have both…I think he’s just being super careful. Maybe next week things will get back to normal.

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