30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Running running and some running.

I ran today.

It was as I expected…Super Delicious.

sdifAnd a tiny bit perfectly cold.  48 degrees F.  I had thought it was 52, but either the temperature dropped slightly or something.


Anyway, I got up nice and early and had time for breakfast and coffee.  It was great.  I remembered to take my Singulair prior to the run, so that was even better.

When I got to the gym, I pulled on my newly washed Christmas Running Beanie and went for it.  Because of the time the first two miles were in the dark.  I wasn’t really able to check my pace often so I ran at a comfortable pace, and tried to not take walk breaks.  I am the champion of taking walk breaks when I do not need them. It’s like I get bored and want to change it up or something.  Anyway, with no music (cause it’s too dark!) I was able to focus in on some work problems.  (Big one, one unit continually breaks thermometers when cleaning them, another one is getting the entire Infection Control Plan done for the year.) and just let the legs run.

I had a pretty unevenly paced run.  In part it’s because I’m really in recovery mode, and secondly it was so dark that I was pacing oddly, and thirdly it’s a fairly hilly route.  Mile one is uphill for about .5 miles, Mile 2 is mostly down hill, mile 3 is mostly back up the down hills…and so on and so forth, so the miles varied with the terrain.  You can keep the same effort, or the same pace on hills, not both.

Anyway, the run felt pretty great.  I was super duper happy with it in the end.

Then work came.  It was a Doozy.  Regulatory agencies showed up uninvited today, which threw us all off.  Other issues occurred. I was hungry.  Lots of chit chat, and not enough time to process the data I wanted to process….well there is always tomorrow.

Tomorrow of course it’s supposed to blow in cold cold air.  So of course. I get to swim.  Seems to be a theme.  Want cold air- put a swim on the schedule!  I also get to do weights…and miracle of miracles. My Beautiful beautiful bike came- it is in a variety of pieces, but it did come.




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