30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Brick Brick Baby…

Today was wonderful for training.

I had a specific “not a brick” workout.  I was a little stymied by it because I really only had morning to workout.  My after work time was booked.

So I did the workouts together but took the LONGEST transition ever.

I did a 50 minute spin.  It actually hurt a bit and I almost bust into tears.  I was super irritated because I was Sweating buckets….really pushing my pace as hard as I could for those 50 minutes…and I was surrounded by these “sunday stroll” people, looking at me as if I was nuts.

gym-new-yearsAs my coach would say, most of those folks are just wasting their time.  There were a lot of readers on equipment…kind of moving the equipment back and forth at a totally comfortable speed.  For me…I don’t really consider myself “working out” as much as “training”  and when one is training, there is a very specific goal for each “workout”.  Reading a book on the elliptical is NEVER one. I didn’t mind all the book reading, but I did mind the gratuitous stares…Ahhhh Bout 2 more weeks and we will all be back to the regulars, hopefully with a few new awesome regulars!

Post Spin, I strolled..sloooowly to the locker area.  I changed my shoes slowly…I changed my shirt slowly.  I dragged out the time between the spin and run, until I think it could no longer be called a transition.

Then I went outside. I noted it was colder than I remembered, and I had misjudged the sun time, so I had to ditch the tunes. I’ll run in semi dark, but not with music.  I ran the usual route, and was a bit slower than last time. I blame the intense spin ahead of time.  Despite that…I feel stable and I felt no pain. I was able to run longer without a walk break. I’m pleased with Monday.

Tuesday involves weights and the horrific turkish get ups.  I’m debating how to get those done without making a fool of myself.

Either I get up really early and do it at the gym when no other weight people are around (thus the strollers will have no idea what I’m trying to do.) or I go later in the afternoon and hope to be able to use the cycle room until spin class…. Doing at home never happens for me.

I’m already nervous.


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  1. What is the purpose of the Turkish get ups? They look almost dangerous, at least in the video. I was thinking that I’d probably drop the weight on my face while trying to get up. Ow.

    And yeah, the gym in January—lol. I don’t understand why people bring a book or e-reader to read while they work out. Sensei is always telling us to concentrate on our movements because we could get hurt, or hurt someone else. And if you’re able to read while you’re running, biking, whatever, you aren’t pushing yourself very hard. Hope February is a quieter time at your gym.

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