30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Daily Archives: January 11th, 2014

tired out

today’s workout was a simple 3 miler and a 50 minute spin.  Specifically noted on the plan as “not a brick”  So I did the run at 7:30 am.  It was not that easy.  My Garmin is acting strangely, and at one point I was jogging along and it stated that I was doing an …

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Wimpy weak

Woke this morning feeling it.  I think Skeletor may have known that I would be.  There was only a short run on the schedule for today.  I kind of was thinking that I needed to do more. I worked. Then I discovered it was 80 degrees out for my run. Ran a bit outside. My …

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