30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Apparently I am no longer Badass.

I didn’t mention that yesterdays workout also included some work for the legs and abs.

I was so cold and tired after the swim last night that I did an abbreviated workout.  Several supersets of Lunges, wall balls, and 1 legged squats.  I actually felt a bit guilty…as if I had not done enough.

Fast Forward to this morning.  I got out of bed and was entirely shocked to find my lower limbs not really wanting to cooperate.

1336082815765_3906392I am SO sore!  Its all the muscles in the pelvic girdle….adductors, quads, VMO.  You name it wow.

I had a 3 mile run at 10K pace.  I did a 3 miler, slightly faster than my 10K PR.  I felt all those muscles through the entire run. In addition, I had forgotten my Singulair.  So my breathing was tough on this one.  I enjoyed it for the most part and was a tiny bit frustrated that I couldn’t go any faster. Still, it felt pretty good just to be running again.

Tomorrow I have a meeting, with my coach, for…Drat it all.. more weights.  I’m a bit worried about how well I’ll be able to complete out the weekend.


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