30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Am I Badass or What?

Holy Moly.

Well. It is cool down here in Florida.

does-it-snow-in-floridaNo, it’s not snowing, and surely it is not nearly as miserably cold as everyone else…but wow. It went from 79 to 39 in one day.

Again, I can not complain much, because it’s supposed to get warm again on Thursday.  So.  two days of very uncomfortable temperatures.  Compared to the rest of the US, I think I’ll be OK.

But my coach, having a sense of humor…or being completely unaware of the weather….or some strange combination of the two decided that I should swim 1.25 mile today.

I would have done it in the morning, but darn it, they closed the pool until 10:00am because the heaters can’t do the warm up in the dark morning, they need help from the radiant heat of the sun, as weak as it is.

So after a very late meeting, I hit the pool in the dark.  The pool felt like a HOT hot bath. The arm on the other hand felt like really really cold.  I was so aggravated by the coach, and so I swam faster than usual, trying to get done in time to let him know just what I thought about this workout. I was further helped along half way through when a less than cooperative swimmer joined my lane.  He was wearing flippers so was much faster, but he also didn’t want to just split the lane, so every 6th lap or so I had to take a moment at the end of the wall to let him pass and then move on.  He did eventually get tired and I caught up, but..because I didn’t want t be lapped I really pushed a bit harder, so as irritating as he was, big thumbs up.



I am glad this workout is done, and I’m proud of myself for sticking with it even in our bizarre weather.

Onwards!   How is everyone else coping in the cold?


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  1. I’m ashamed to say it is not cold here at all. The temperatures at night have been falling into the 30s, but usually we’re all indoors and in bed by the time it gets that cold.

    (That said, it’s been terrible for the homeless here. I just heard a story on the radio about there being a shortage of housing for homeless single women, as more of them are coming in rather than trying to camp out in the parks or on the streets. There was a young woman with a puppy who panhandles for change outside of the church I’ve been visiting, and she’s been missing these last few weeks. I hope she’s found a place to live now.)

    Props to you for swimming laps in hot water-cold air! I hate swimming in ice cold water, but I dislike overheated pools too. The one time I swam in one, I could feel myself sweating underwater. It was the weirdest thing. Stay warm!

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