30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

End of Week Recap

What a FANTASTIC week of training.

I really really had fun.

This was probably due to lower miles, and being back in my home gym, but whatever.

It was also a week of BIKE shopping.

Whew, what a hassle. I shopped Craig’s List daily, several times daily when I wasn’t at work.  I looked all over the state of Florida.  I thought I had found one but discovered that it was super tall, and the guy who rode it in the past was 5’9″…



Apparently, it’s a supply and demand thing.  There are a lot more people who are above 5’4″  than below these days, thus it’s really easy to find  a reliable bike in that range, but when you go a wee bit shorter…things happen.  There is a bike…that I may end up with, but not going to say to much about it until it happens. I’m still shopping Craig’s List.  What a chore.

So training this week was BRICK, Brick brick.  Mini Baby Bricks. 4 bike and runs…



I don’t know why but I really do love this workout.  I remember the first one I ever did and how cool I thought it was at the time.  My coach was surprised because Bricks are not much loved.  I was running and thinking, “Wahoo!!!  everything feels so strange but I’m going!!!”  That sensation never gets old to me.  So, this week was full of Brick love.



All of the other workouts were combinations of swim/run or run/bike or swim/bike.  Kinda bricky but not the traditional Brick.

I seem to do more brick work than most…I think it’s because the coach man knows I kinda like ’em.  He’s good at putting workouts I like that make sense on the plan, this I appreciate.

Anyway, it seems most of my troubles that were plaguing me, just like a freaking plague….have gone.

plagueIf you find this a little creepy, click here to read more about this art and music associated with the Plague.  

Rather than the plague this week I felt all:

Sunshine and Lollipops.

If things go as planned this is the week I meet with the coach and we try to plan some things.  We’ll see.  He’s a busy guy.  I always get my plan right on time, but the meet ups are tough to schedule. I am hoping for Monday, but, haven’t heard yet.

How was your First Week in January?  Many are tapering down for Disney and I wish them all the BEST of Luck and the BEST Disney Magical experience possible!



  1. I love that photo of the people all raising their bikes in the air! Where did you find it?

    I’ve been packing on the pounds, so I’ve been thinking of trying brick training myself. I don’t run (bad knee), but I wonder if combining karate with cycling would work.

  2. mizunogirl

    😀 well, it wouldn’t be a brick, as thats pretty much a cycle and a run. or other parts of a triathalon, but I bet the cycling would help no matter what. How is the Karate going. I can not look at the particular post you have up….

    • Sent you the password! (Hope I had the right email address.) The dojo was closed for two weeks over the holidays, so I haven’t gotten in much training. Tuesday night is the next class. That should be interesting: I’m flabby and soft from two weeks of holiday snacking and little to no exercise, unless you count walking around New York. I’m sure Sensei will make us sweat that evening!

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