30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Race Calendar- help me choose!

Reblog…Which Marathon would you choose?

Mizunogirl's Blog

Generally, a Floridian doesn’t really make a race calendar in January.  I guess we think about it, but in general, we are smack in the middle of race season, so making a calendar now seems kind of strange.

I, however, had my season kind of messed up, so I am looking to plan a super fun running 2014 to make up for my 2013. I need reader’s help as well, in deciding on my 2014 marathon…

Funny thing about 2013.  I had a GREAT running year.  I ran consistently, very little injury problems, paces were good, it just never translated into a really great great race for the year.

So, since I am kind of starting over at point nothing, I’ve decided to start my racing like I did when I first started coaching with Skeletor.



With a 10K.  Ten K races are awesome.  They are long enough to…

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