30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Thursday Fun festival

I am amazed at how much fun this week has been as far as training.


Work…a different story, and I’ve only worked 2 days this week so far, BUT, it’s really been a nest of boa constrictors or something at work.

Working out, however, is working out.

Today I awoke to intense fog.  It just was nutty.



This week the gym is hosting (ha ha ha, we are raking in the bucks.) several collegiate teams and a swim camp.  So the pool is suddenly a hot commodity, I knew to do my long swim workout I’d have to do it in the morning. So it was kind of a dramatic scene, steam rising off pool, lights from the lamps coming through the fog.

Of course this all turned my mind to …. sharks.



Really silly, but I had to kind of purposefully remove this idea from my head.  So swim went fairly well.  My back tightened up a wee bit during the swim, but I’ve learned the remedy for this is a super hot shower right after.

I then worked 8 lovely hours.  I’ve been off work so much for the holidays, I have had to dig out of a lot of mess, and also kind of sit there and think, “Just what the heck is it I do all day anyway?”  By the end of the day, I remembered, and happily…one project that I thought was going to be awful turned out to be super simple.  Yay for that.

After all that, I hit the gym for a 2 mile run.  It went well, though I had Garmin troubles.  It did give me a low battery warning, but I figured for 2 miles…well, initially it had me running a very speedy pace.  Not an impossible one for me, but an improbable one.  SO my first mile seemed outrageously fast, and suddenly my second one seemed rather slow, until mile 1.4 where it just went blank.  Garmin troubles bother me but what can one do. I know I ran 2 miles so no issues there.

Spoke with the coach about my 70.3 pipe dream, and he kind of peed all over it.

See like this sculpture from Tom Friedmantom-friedman-designboom-01….He was like, uh No, No and no.  But he liked the idea of Pineapple man which is more of a Sprint distance.  We are waiting to see if I win the bike auction.

Anyway I asked if I could do the Spin Class and was kind of thinking he’d say no.  He smiled and said sure as long as you have no pain. So off I went to Spin.  It was AWESOME!  My friend came with me and the instructor was all about getting everyone really engaged. So while I was half hoping he would say no, I’m now very glad I went.



Yup thats me and Yolanda.  We really had a good time!  I hope to keep adding in Spin to the routine.  I have not really lost any weight YET since my decision that I need to do so, but…we’ll see about tomorrow!

Now, if I could just get work under control again…maybe tomorrow I will have time to prepare reports?

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  1. I generally dislike stationary bikes, but you and Yolanda make it look like fun! I’ve heard spinning is a great workout. Does it involve setting the bike to a high gear so your pedaling is a lot harder?

    That sculpture of the peeing man is funny, though at first I was a little concerned that your coach actually peed while you were talking to him. 😮

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