30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Theme of the Week: Fun

So far, and yes it’s only Tuesday…the theme of the week has been Fun fun fun.



Well, some small parts of my workouts have still felt like work, but not very hard work.

Today I swam and then hit the spin bike for 30 minutes.  The bike was so easy that I increased the resistance.  I thought, “Oh see, I’m improving!”  Hindsight says, I am probably the best rested I’ve been in a year.  We really did not do enough rest this year.  Living in the subtropical paradise, it is possible to train year round at the same intensity.  It isn’t advised, however, and most people do better when they take a forced rest period.

I also had the opportunity to go by the local bike shop and get sized for a bike.  The guy was great and worked with me for almost 45 minutes.  I ended up knowing that I need a 47 cm ladies frame.  He would prefer it to be a Trek.  He laughed because we were looking around the store and my eyes fell on this beautiful beautiful bike.  I said, oh this is the bike I’m getting when I learn to ride.  He showed it too me and all the features.  Then he laughed some more and asked me if I had any idea on the cost.  I said, well… $1,000 USD.  He said, nope, you have good taste.  I had picked out a 4K bike. OH wow.

How many of you regularly ride or swim in addition to running?

I loved the bike. It seemed like a miniature of what I had been battling with.  It seemed much easier to deal with and I think if I can find well under that price, I’m going to go for it, and then try to ride!

I’m hoping the theme of the week will remain fun.  I hate the worried looks I get from the Physical Therapy area of the gym.  I really think all is well… road to recovery…and all.  But then again, i think he thinks he is somehow responsible for my demise in December.  In truth, I think it was just meant to be.

Onwards to 2014!  Got some running goals, but nothing I’m going to cling to.



  1. You don’t know how to ride but you’re going to buy an expensive bicycle? My son would tell you to go for it, but I can tell you as someone who had to re-learn how to ride it’s good to start slow and easy. (It’s not quite true you never forget how—keeping a bike upright requires a combination of hand-eye-leg coordination and getting used to the feel of the bike rolling over different surfaces and hill grades.) Once you get on and really start to spin, it’s exhilarating. I can understand why cyclists love the sport, though I’m not brave enough to ride in traffic like my son and his friends do. Will your coach help you learn to ride?

    Have a good New Year!

    • mizunogirl

      I’m looking at Craigs List for the Bicycle, there and ebay, so not expensive. Coach loves bicycles, so I’m fairly sure in the end I will get a steal of a deal. My car is about to be paid off so that gives me finally some extra money to do something with. (I think..) I’ve put the word out to all my cycling pals…since usually people start with starters and then discard them rapidly.

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