30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Little Oops…feeling good.

Last night I got an email from the coach…

Apparently he intended for me to have a weeks worth of workouts over the Christmas Holidays.  Somehow he didn’t hit send, or my mail box did not receive.  So  Oops.  He seems absolutely mystified that this would occur, but… these things do happen.  So I was a bit lazy, but frankly with the travel, the cold and my general feeling of malaise, I am not so sure they were that important anyway.

We talked about things in general.  He was very firm and enthusiastic about my plans to get sized for a bicycle at the shop.  I decided since I have the day off tomorrow to just go do it.  He will then look on Craig’s List with me to actually find a deal.

I smiled with glee when I saw this weeks workouts.  7 workouts.  4 (count them..)  Bricks.

He’s got my number alright.

Admittedly these are Baby bricks.

45 mins to one hour cycles and then 2 mile runs.  But it’s still a brick. a run off the bike.

This morning I did Baby Brick one.  I could not sleep all night…May have been the anxiety from returning to work after a long week off, or the coffee syrup I drank, or in general just my situation.  But because I had massage scheduled for the afternoon, I had to haul tail out of the bed, and hit the spin cycle.



My legs were feeling the effects of my small misdirected non plan efforts.  So I didn’t hold out much hope.  BUT, for whatever reason I just pushed through everything and had a pretty good cycle.  Hopped off after 45 minutes and got ready for the run.  Sometimes not having a load of time helps me.  I don’t have to worry too much, as my main focus is on getting it done.  I switched out shoes, and as soon as my garmin found a signal, I was off.  I noted that it was super chilly out there today (57 degrees F)  compared to the 77 degrees of yesterday.  This helped alot.

The run in and of itself was still kind of a challenge, but it was not nearly as bad as Sunday, so I felt encouraged.  This is good.   I was starting to feel kind of hopeless.

After work was kinda nuts, I went and had a great massage.  My poor massage guy.  I am not the most receiver of massage.  I guess I’m a little nervous, so I tend to watch him a lot.  Today he tried really hard to get me to relax and close my eyes and take deep breaths etc.  I eventually did when he was digging his fists into the hamstrings, I dunno, I am just a little nervous.  At any rate, he worked out my back and hip issue kind of aggressively, and bam.

I went and saw the coach.  Gave him the gift card my friend Bob had sent for the wife of his friend who passed on in October.  We chatted.  I could tell he was not feeling as hopeful as I was. I’m totally ready to plan 2014.  He remains astounded as to my spate of injuries.  I really did suddenly have a bunch.  I think it really was a force outside of our control.  You can call it Evil.  or Satan, plain old bad luck, or what not.  But it was certainly trying to drag me down….


Whatever the case, He and I prayed through it.  Healing has occurred.  Through this mess I got to learn a bit about accupuncture, meet my new and infinitely more fun Massage Therapist, and gain perspective.

I brought up a race 7 months away, and he gave me the look.  He wanted to say no.  I could see it, but…he also knew that was unreasonable.   He finally admitted that he was still feeling blindsided by all the events of November and December.  After some chatting we left it at more discussion next week.  I’m wondering if he will want to send me to Nina…

We kind of have an idea that Next year I should run Tallahassee…as it is Flat, Fast and Predictably…reliably COLD.  He advised that I go COLD more than anything else.

I’m feeling a little annoyed.  I’m loving the short workouts of the week, and yep my Base is toast.  but I sure wish he’d let me dream a bit.  Just a wee little bit.  Well, we’ll know more next week.


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