30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Home again Home again Jiggity Jig.

I found this past week to be a difficult one for exercise.  How did everyone else fare with exercise over the Holidays?  All the Travel, and Kids, and Food…and cold weather!

I traveled to the frozen North to spend Christmas with my parents, my sister and her rather enormous extended family. (Upstairs Stockings/downstairs Tree)  My stocking is the blue and white one.  My Mom made all of these for us years ago and added as we added folks to our family. I love them as they are not like any other set of stockings.


It was busy and crazy involving two dinners for over 15 people over two days and a lot of kind of grumpy whiney young men (Nephews) and some grumpy older adults (read: sisters).  I Love my sister.  I admit, I don’t like her very much.

I didn’t get anything in until Wednesday.  It helped, or didn’t help that I didn’t have a plan for this week.  I think my coach was quite overwhelmed in the last weeks of December.  He knew I had mostly been recovering from the back injury and so didn’t give me a plan.  I know he went out of town last Sunday, but I don’t know where.  He alluded he was going to be working, so it’s possible he is in some Latin American country building a church.  (or he is at his parent’s home, fixing stuff.), either way, I think he didn’t want to be bothered prescribing out a plan, and I really felt pretty relaxed not having one, AND stuffing my face with Seven Fishes, and Beef Wellington and Ham and Federal Hill Cookies,  Chocolate, you name it…)

I Missed having the plan.  I felt a bit severed from coaching.  At the same time…I found it felt ok to just skip 2 days in a row as well with no guilt.


I finally got to do some small workouts on Wednesday.  Ran in the cold weather, and Oh WOW.  Was it ever cold.  No wonder treadmills are so popular this time of year in the frozen north.  I only ran for 15 minutes and felt pretty bad.  I realize now that I am home that I was a wee bit tight and tired from all the upset of the holiday.

The next day I got more small short workouts in.   A 20 minute spin and a 16 minute run and then later a nice swim.  I found I was actually really tired after this. I think being in a different gym environment may have heightened my exhaustion.  I kept looking for stuff, and my BIL was only planning on spending 45 minutes, so I was feeling slightly rushed.  I really wanted to explore the YMCA more, but you know.  family, holiday…

On Friday I was given an opportunity to go to the YMCA and I skipped it.   I don’t know why but I just felt like sipping coffee instead.  I stayed up late reading  ((click here for my reading selection which was a Holiday Gift) So I was probably a bit tired, so I built a model with my nephew instead.  My sister and her husband have built so many of them they really dislike doing it.  My Nephew can do it alone but he likes someone else to read the instructions.   I flew home and got home at 2 in the morning.  Never so glad to be home. I think home really is where we feel more at ease and relaxed.

I was pleased that I got a good run bike run and some weights on Saturday.  Today my back feel super sore.  Not injured but just kind of sore.  I’ll try a run later, and probably a spin/swim (there is a swim camp here so swimming is tough at the moment)

I hope hope hope that Coach man is back in town and will shoot me back an email briskly.  Even though I’m quite out of condition I know…

images-1Coach says the re-condition will return sooner than before, and I hope he’s right. I think he is, but we’ll see….


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