30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Ho Hum….

So it looks as if I am in rehab mode.

Today I looked at my workout as I was blowing into the gym.  It looked dinky.  I changed out of my adult clothing into my play clothing and went to renegotiate.

(Ok so this video is kind of cute and funny, negotiations with my coach have rarely reached that point, and not for months now.  He’s pretty flexible.)


No Coach.

Typically he leaves work at 5.  It was 4:30.  I looked and looked, I hemmed and hawed and finally sent him a quick email.

No response. Ahhh, the holiday season!  And the realization that I have a plan for a reason.

So I started the cycle.  It was a 20 minute cycle.

I know.  20 mins.  Nothing.  I wanted to do more, but as I was cycling…a little voice kind of kept interrupting my bull headed…”I’ll cycle for 40 minutes”  thought.

The voice of reason reminded me of how bad I felt when my back malfunctioned.  It reminded me that this wasn’t that long ago.  It then reminded me of what usually happens when I get rebellious with the coach.  I stopped cycling at 21 minutes.

Hopped into the pool without much enthusiasm.  I did have a few moments with my friend Beth where we discussed “Holiday Heart”  which is funny because neither of us are likely to acquire that condition.  I then swam 1600. 100 yards over the plan…just to be a bit of a rebel.

Post this we all overindulged a bit at the local Outback.  Living here in Triathlete heaven is lovely, but we do not have a fine selection of local dining.  Out to eat it’s generally a chain.

I was successfully able to renegotiate Sunday later that evening by email.  And I did get the usual “Resist your urge to do more because you feel good”  statement.  Given the upcoming holiday travel, plans to spend with nephews, and sisters and BIL and BIL’s family, I suppose I can resist, as I won’t really have a ton of exercise time.



I admit, I wish we could fast forward through to February.  All my odd work problems will be done, and I’ll be sufficiently rehabbed to actually train.   I admit too, I’m still thinking of that offer by Nina.

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