30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And into every runner’s life…..

Some not really great workouts must occur.

Today was apparently a day for that.

I was REALLY looking forward to my Saturday workout.

Then some things interfered.

Friday I had to bathe the dog so he could go to his annual Vet appointment.  He was actually quite dirty based on the bath water.

bathing-dogRemember, my back is finally working again.  I had to lift him into the tub and out of the tub.  He is nervous about the tub, so it’s not exactly a willing event.  He weighs 78 pounds.  Grrrr.

This morning, I took him to his appointment at 8:30 which in retrospect was the best time of day to run.  Again, had to lift him into the car and out.  He won’t jump in and now he’s actually a bit elderly, so… He did better at the Vet compared to last time and I was glad to get that done!

After I had a bit of coffee, relaxed a bit and decided to get my workout done.  Normally winter training is a bit more casual than summer training.  because NORMALLY it’s kind of cooler in the winter.  Summer time training in Florida has to be entirely planned otherwise one risks heat stroke on long runs.  Winter, usually means I can sleep in a bit,  and do shorter tempo type runs after work…

Today the high was about 85 F.

It was so hard to run.  I had intended to go for 20 mins outside and then 10 on the elliptical.  But I ended up actually doing exactly what the coach had written and being really relieved that there wasn’t more to run.  Man, I am not looking forward to summer training.

Someone tell me again why the heck I live here?

ANyway after that I hopped on the elliptical.  and proceeded to have an insanely high heart rate for the entire 20 minutes.  I was not going particularly hard or fast, I think my body was still not happy with the run.

After that I had a monster swim 2300 yards or meters depending on the pool set up.  Pool of course is long course, so that means I am doing slightly more.  That swim had all the right ingredients to be AWESOME.  But it never got that way.  Despite the super bright sunshine, the out -of-place heat, and just the right temp on the pool-combined with a lane to myself on the long course…usually makes a great swim.  This on just felt HARD.  Never got any easier. I kind of expected it to get easier.  I kept waiting for that moment when the body says, Oh YEAH..swimming…awesome.  It just never came.

I actually did 2400, because I am stubborn.  I chalked the entire thing up to “holiday stress”  and also poor planning.  Tomorrow I am allowed to run and you bet I’ll be up at 4 am for the treat.

What do you do when you have a bad day?  Do you analyze it to pieces and use it to improve for the future, or do you simply brush it aside as part of training life?



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