30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And…she’s off and running.

Yesterday was my first run since December 4th.

That is a super long time for me to not run.

I did do “other” activities that were delicious and fun, but for me, I was a bit distressed about not actually running.



So combine not doing any long runs, with Holiday cheer (I actually seem to have a reputation, yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon, my cell started to blow up with texts from the Emergency Department alerting me to fudge in their break room…yep I had some, dang it was good.) I am feeling a bit sluggish.

So yesterday I got to do a little 15 minute run/walk situation.

I won’t kid you.  I was kinda nervous.  My Garmin didn’t want to find satellites.   My shoes apparently glow in the dark.  A friend ran with me and we really took off at a snails pace.  I was hyper alert to every little “feeling”  and I think when I started my Heart Rate was probably some crazy 130 from the nerves.   After about 3 minutes I kind of relaxed.  My friend kept calling out the time, so it was a little strange.

We went up and hill and then up another (Gem of the Hills, yes that is my town). then we turned round and went back to the gym, I stopped my watch at 15:05.  I was breathing hard!  My glutes especially felt like I had run 8 miles…when really I had covered about 1.5.


Went back into the gym to do some planks and my coach approached me.  I’ve been wanting to talk with him, about my dilemma, but he has not had the time for that.  Truthfully, I don’t really have any time for that either with the holiday upon us.  He did though get curious about what I wanted to talk about…



I got a brief email from him in the morning asking if I was “moving”.  I got a little nervous thinking he meant “moving coaching”….

He pretty much convinced me without knowing it, that he was the right guy for the job, despite all the challenges he poses.

We talked on tuesday.  He wanted me to know that E-stim was still available if I needed it.  I then pulled out about 2/3 of his payment (December has been a rough month)  and tried to hand it to him.  He looked at me and said, what the heck?  He explained that he hadn’t given me a plan for weeks now, and that “I have not done anything”  HA!  Since December 4th, he has been emailing me, checking on me, providing alternative exercises, fitting me in at the PT clinic (for free) for E-stim, and teaching me various stretches to heal this thing.  Apparently that is nothing.  He then expressed concern that we have not had a bit more time together.  Most Coaches would have taken that money no problem.  He surely worked for it.  I improved much more rapidly than most low back pain patients because he and the massage guy jumped on it immediately.

So on Wednesday he came over and was kind of begging me to summarize my need to talk to you topic into two words.  I told him it was too complicated.  He explained that I make ordering water complicated.  I did not leave him hanging, I explained that I had had a dilemma but had made a decision and now it was more of a story, than a problem.  He kind of looked at me, told me I was the reason he had gray hairs (he has none).  I laughed and said, “Well, you won, if that helps”  He laughed and said, “So you’re going to race triathlon this coming season?”  EYE ROLL.

Yeah, I think I’ll keep him.

Though I gotta admit, the big long swim this morning in the outdoor pool in the 45 degree weather has me…well….thinking of keeping my options open. Brrrrrrr.




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  1. First of all, I love fudge! Good for you for doing the run; I know how a short run can seem likes long one! (Torture if you ask me) And, 45 degree swimming? Yikes!! If you can do that, I think you can do try for the ‘tri’ 🙂

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