30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Coaching update.

I’ve been posting a ton lately, so folks I’m sorry.  This is in part, because I’ve been injured and just hanging around a lot and thinking a lot, so a lot of gibberish comes out here.

Today though was CRAZY.

I went to swim/spin.  I admit I wasn’t really in a super mood. It’s a bit cold, rainy and windy.  Add in a little lightning and you have the picture.  So what was I doing?  Yeah, swimming in the outdoor pool.

When I got there I had a nice surprise- with Auburn University Teams coming in for winter tune ups, they had changed the pool to Long course!  50 meters!  This cheered me considerably.  When I hopped in the water was also super warm, so, I started to get out of the funk.

I swam only 2150 yards.  By the end my back was actually kind of knots

tied up in knots….I was really annoyed as I thought I was going to get 3000 yards in today.  (well, meters).

I took a hot hot shower, blasting the back with the steamy heat and it did start to feel pretty much fine in a few minutes.  So fine, I was tempted to get back in and try to get the last 900 meters.  But I didn’t.

I got dressed and went out to cycle.  On my way out I ran into Nina Kraft.   Nina to me is an incredible woman.  She has faced some very difficult times, and come through them, I think stronger.  She took one look at me standing by the water fountain and said, “You are not happy I see this”.  I wanted to say something super positive, but I just shrugged at her and said, “I got injured”  We talked for a few more minutes about my back.  She gave some good advice about glutes, and hams and using a softball to loosen it all up.  I told her I just was sucking it up and trying to focus forward.

I went and rode the bike.  I admit I got bored.  There were tons of very fine triathletes in the gym today working on strength.  I got ready to leave when I ran into Nina in the locker room again.  This time we really chatted.  I asked if she was planning on running Tally again this year.  She said she’d decided to,(prize money of course) and wondered if I would.  I rolled my eyes and said Nope.  She said, we’ll you’ll be improved by then surely.  I told her my coach was sitting on me and not letting me run.  (She and he have been training partners and are good friends.).



I think I expressed some frustration with him.  She kind of looked at me sideways and said…”Do you want to change and go with me?”  I laughed.  I can’t afford Coaching with Nina Kraft.  She charges well, quite a lot.  I can barely afford Skeletor.  She asked how much I pay him, I told her…(It’s less than half of what she charges per month).  She said, I can take you for that price.

My head just spun.

6a00d83451d01069e200e54f4490408834-640wiI mean, I am a total AMATEUR athlete.  I try to finish in the top HALF of my age group….I don’t even usually try to place in my Age Group. She is a world class athlete.  I told her that I knew I’d never really place or anything, and she said, “I don’t know, you don’t know…”

So I’m having a bit of a dilemma.   Anyone who has been reading my blog…knows about MG and her coach.  We have literally be in some sort of coaching relationship since 2011.  He took me from not being able to walk well to running a marathon.  In those years, all sorts of life changes have occurred.  I have a new job, he has a new wife.  I’ve been through a few relationships, and he did indeed pick up the pieces when they fell apart.  Lately I’ve been annoyed at him, he sits on me and fusses and worries and will not allow many races.  I’ve been injured and injured and injured.  Mostly from doing stupid things.  It’s hard to know.

Part of me though is pretty happy with that as an offer.  I think I’ll sit on it for a while…



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  1. Oooh, what an offer! I can understand why you feel torn, though. On the one hand, it’s rare to receive an opportunity to work with a phenomenal teacher, especially one who has a reputation like Nina Kraft’s. On the other hand, we tend to be loyal to the people who’ve helped us when we were just starting out or were in bad straits. Even if they understood why we were moving on, it would be hard to do so.

    Just think about it. If she was sincere about the offer, it’ll still be there a few weeks from now. You have been chafing at the bit for awhile now. Maybe there’s a good reason why Coach has been holding you back, but he’s not communicating that to you. Maybe that’s not the message that fits with your future. Anyway, I’ll be interested to see what you decide!

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