30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

2014 Race Calendar

Truthfully, I am not supposed to even THINK about racing until I can run 5-10 miles and not get hurt.

Well..  In my defense, a little thinking can not hurt.  In fact, it kind of takes the sting out of this years mess.  If I look at the year from January to January, I did some OK racing last year.  I ran a few PR’s.  I ran some pretty awesome races.  I definitely enjoyed many things.  My main disappointment is that I won’t be able to run the Jacksonville Bank Marathon, for which I slogged through some pretty nasty summer training.

I have always been one to kind of like the training process more than the racing anyway, but admittedly, slogging through the summer here and then getting the injuries right at the beginning of our Florida racing season kind of made this a disappointment.  I mean, 18 miles in 80 degree heat and 100% humidity was NOT a TREAT folks.  Now that it is in the 60-70 range, this could be fun.  I am, however, sitting on the couch, ice packs, TENS units, appointments with Massages etc.  I just feel a little deflated.

20060518164925_feeling_a_little_deflatedMy coach is doing the stellar right thing, and moving me seamlessly through rehab for this low back thing, and he doesn’t want me thinking races, since I can’t really train yet, and I think he wants to avoid disappointment. I think, in general I handled the disappointment pretty well.  I also need to be clear.  I have not been catastrophically injured.  Most people with these injuries would have just gutted it through the races, I chose to follow wise advice and chill.

In 2014 I want to actually have more races on the calendar.  In 2013 I ran 3 halves and 1 full.  I intended to run 5 halves and 3 full marathons.  I deferred one full, and the other in 14 days I can’t run.  Now that I count them up, wow I did run rather a lot of races.

So here’s my idea for 2014.

First up.  Heal up

June:  Double Creek Half Marathon and Bike Ride. This is up in Pennsylvania close to my parents house.  I love the idea of visiting my parents at a NON- holiday time.  In addition, I have a Daily Mile Buddy who has tentatively committed to running this with me.  He’s an older guy and very cool.  I would love for he and my Dad to meet.  One of the things that makes running SO much fun is the connections you make across miles and generations.

July: The “A” race.   The PA Grand Canyon Marathon   This is the race I deferred last year.  It is a super challenging course with tons and tons of hills.  Even though it may not produce a great time, I want to run it as a Comrades qualifier anyway.  Comrades course is tough, so I need to really start to toughen up my racing.

November:  Space Coast Half Marathon well, maybe the full.  I love this race.  I am all caught up in the medal series and I want all 5.  Registration opens February 15.  I’ll probably just do the half but if the half fills, I will be the one crazy enough to sign up for the full.  It;s a lovely course for a full, and loads of fun.

December: I think I’ll take a moment to pause and enjoy some reindeer runs, mistletoe trots etc.

February 2015: Tallahassee Marathon.  This would be for a seeded qualifying time for Comrades.  Good Course, FLAT as heck and chilly for racing so a great opportunity.

We’ll see how things go.  I showed this to my Coach.  He told me I was insane and that there were too many races.  I gave him the look and I think we will revisit it when I am not actually injured.


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