30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Mobilizing the resources. Injury Update

I had a realization this morning as I was swimming…

848525_originalHaving any kind of coherent thought while doing laps is an achievement for me.  I tend to focus on lap counting, set counting and the like.  Thoughts drift in and out like jelly fish, but rarely do they stay.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning, to try to get to the pool when the gym opened.  When I hit the pool I was kind of feeling kind of annoyed.  I really like to run on the ground.  All this swimming and pool running and cycling lately is not that fun.

As I was getting it done, and trying to be sure I was not overdoing it.  I did realize that I had not given my poor back a fair shake last week.

The E stim treament (which although called E stim is really just a giant TENS unit, set on HIGH) has been very helpful for pain relief and spasm interruption.  Apparently my hyper mobility  makes it easy for my back to just overreact and spasm.  So I had really been focusing on how I would be able to access that.  My friend who is going through Physical Therapy (my coach is her therapist)  asked me if I scheduled my appointments around hers yesterday.  I kind of laughed and said, appointments?  My coach just kind of sets me up in a corner when if it is convenient for him, he treats me like a patient so all his other patients think I’m just there for therapy, though I am definitely not a current patient.  So I’d been rushing over after work to do a swim/cycle/E-stim.  steam risingI didn’t see much point in dealing with the pool at the crack of dawn.  If there is something I dislike, it is swimming in the dark.

By the time I hit the pool at 5 pm, I was kind of dealing with more pain and spasm than I was in the morning.

Only today did it dawn on me that I would have had better success if I had thought ahead of time and done some of the workouts at least, in the morning, prior to work.  In fact, an ideal schedule would have been to do a morning swim…work 8 hours…an evening Spin and then E-stim.

So today my swim was improved and the Spin was fun. (no jumps or any coming out of the saddle, just straight sit on yo rear and spin.) Now my low back area is sore, but not more sore than it would be normally at this time without the workout.

This is a tricky injury.  The initial improvement in the past week has been significant.  I went from having trouble sitting up, walking, doing regular activities of daily living, to being able to pretty much do everything normally, except turning rapidly, etc.  This is accompanied with a fairly low level of pain. I thought the improvement would continue at that rapid pace, but nope.  I’ve sort of plateaued.  I am recovered, but as the coach said, “You aren’t out of the woods yet by a long shot.”

He persists in not talking about racing until I’m back running 5 miles comfortably.  I persist in thinking about the 2014 race season.  Whenever I bring it up, he give me the look.  It’s that look you get when you are about 8 and you’ve clearly done something wrong, not irritating, but one of those things that will cause you parents to have to clean up a big mess etc.

I have my 3 races chosen, and one of them I am already registered for.  The other one I’m going to register for in February, the moment registration opens.  The third, well, that one is one that won’t sell out.  SO I’m bound to think on them a bit.

I have massage on Monday, and that usually leads to a fairly large improvement, so hopefully by mid week I’ll be doing something short…and i hope some strength workout.  This time of year at work is a big frazzled mess combined with a variety of people going off all Christmas Crazy. I really need some running to help me through it with a smile on my face.  I love Christmas as much as anyone but darn, I do not need to talk about it decorate about it, and in general go on and on about presents…..it’s really only the office secretary but…she is loud and omnipotent. (Unless of course you need her to be a secretary.)


How do you handle being injured?  What has been your worst one?  Do  you think about racing and plan things even while injured or are you able to kind of forget about that?

I’m hoping to get back on a build schedule in another week.  Even being in really bad pain, i still felt as if I was on some sort of training vacation, and it wasn’t a good feeling after about 3 days.



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