30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Discernable Progress


I woke today feeling good.  I had to be at work early (The ICU was getting a state award for reducing CLABSI so yay us, yay infection prevention.)  Why on earth they needed to do this at 7:30 in the morning I will never know.  BUT…this allowed me to come into work a wee bit early, so I can leave work a wee bit early tomorrow.

We FINALLY had the temps drop out of the mid to high 80’s this afternoon.  It was 70 when I hit the pool and the pool was probably about 81.  So the swim went along well.  For the first time since the back strain, I did flip turns with no issues. I struggled with being a bit bored in the pool.  I think I mostly am now out of the training habit and I was wanting to see my coach.  So after 1200 yards I got out into the frozen North. It was breezy and cold.  No longer 70.  More like low 60’s  in a wet swim suit with a breeze. It felt a bit like Christmas.

Snowy Christmas Eve Night


After I got dressed I went out to the fitness floor to get on the cycle and hand my coach a “Bananas Foster” Lara Bar.  I have discovered he is kind of a human garbage can.  Anything I do not want to eat, I give to him.  Being allergic to bananas, the Lara bar was ridiculous to even be in my bag.  He thanked me and looked a bit anxious.  I could tell he had a patient coming, and that he was thinking about using the Estim  on me AND that he had a few things to say but didn’t have time to talk- this always seems to make him nervous, like he thinks he is rejecting me by not having time right then… I stopped his anxiety and said, “I’m going to get on the bike now” and abruptly walked off.

Cycled for 45 mins fairly hard at about a 16.5 MPH pace.  Broke a sweat.  enjoyed a “Sounds of the Season” station from I HEART RADIO.

It really wasn’t too bad.

Got off the cycle, and saw that Coach was still with SUper VIP client, so I did a plank, and some cat stretches…YOGA-CAT-STRETCH-1

Then I just went HOME.  I was thinking about meeting up with the coach again, but I decided that well, we have seen an awful lot of each other.  My back felt OK with the E-Stim, so I decided to just give it a night.  If it gets crazy overnight, He can treat it on Friday.  He really Always does want to know how I am, but we have both had heavy doses of each other all week, so it’s time for me to kind of cut the knot a bit.  I am almost completely healed, so…time to get used to our regular routine of waving nodding and emailing.  Admittedly even when I was on the E-stim daily I pretty much set myself up, said thanks, and “too much stim!”  and that was about it.  But still it was a lot of being in each others faces.

I’m thinking if I feel this good tomorrow, I may try for an actual RUN.  we’ll see.



  1. So that’s where all the heat went! If we ever get temperatures in the 60s again, I’ll never complain about feeling cold. 😀

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, but take it easy and don’t re-injure yourself. I know how it feels to be getting over an injury and wanting to go back to your routine, but I feel like I rushed into gong back to karate class too soon. I was wheezing and coughing at the end of class, and I don’t think anyone appreciated it, least of all Sensei.

    • Oh lady it is ALL in Florida. I have been actually using AC! I’m sorry about all your coughing. Feel better!

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