30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


I’m in total rehab mode.

I got a little smart yesterday.  After the massage, I used one of the Flexeril tablets for muscle relaxation.  It helped me to sleep very very soundly.  I felt like I had gotten all the muscles feeling better post massage, why let them get tense again.  This actually worked, and I woke with an improved back.  Unfortunately,  I also awoke with a Flexeril Hangover.

hungoverI felt pretty sleepy.  Luckily work was one of those odd days, where I had a 3 hour meeting off site in the afternoon, so I just had to tool through the morning.  Despite my sleepiness, I found myself really addressing the Risk Assessment, which is one anxiety producing nerve wracking task.  Maybe because I was kind of sleepy, I wasn’t able to put enough energy into the anxiety, and I just got the work done.

By about 10:30 my back had started to feel pretty stiff and unpleasant.  At 11:15 I left work, and went to pick up some packages that had been delivered.  The apartment attendant couldn’t find my package and I got a bit irate with her, so I realized that I probably am still feeling the back a bit.

Meeting went well.  We enjoyed ourselves.  Year end get together with an Ornament exchange.  I got a Spode Santa. Not thrilling.  But I was happy when the person who got my Vera Bradley ornament gasped in appreciation when she pulled it out of the box… It’s always great to feel like you made a good choice!

I was still kind of cranky.  Headed back to work, and at this point, I was feeling all the little spots in my back, and also just general fatigue.  Our office secretary is very annoying to me, and so I had to bite my tounge to keep my temper.   I am pretty good at ignoring pain, but when it is severe, it comes out in bad temper.  I did realize that I must be having a bit of pain, so I just kind of chilled out in my back cubicle.

I headed over to the gym and had a 6 minute conversation with the coach.  He cleared me to try the stationary bike and I did 30 easy minutes on it.  By the end the back was feeling, if you will, a wee bit HOT.   My pain is settled in the Thoracolumbar fascia… and now also the glutes which have been contracting overtime to stabilize the rest of the back.  I did manage 7 plus miles in 30 minutes.

I got off with a bit of difficulty and stretched the piriformis and then headed back to the PT area where my coach was dishing it out to his patients.  I set myself up on the table and pushed the E stim machine over.  He eventually had a minute and swiftly hooked me up and then placed an enormous ice pack on.

Post treatment, I did feel once again much improved.  Recovery Mode indeed.  I am looking forward to build mode.



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