30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


On going saga here of back pain and strain.

It has affected me a bit.  I’m just tired from the effort to hold myself up all the time.  I’m tired of having to think before I move. and I am kind of tired of planning things perfectly so I don’t wrench out my back again.

All that negativity… but in truth…it is getting better.

Today I decided to simply skip swimming in the morning.  I was feeling tired. I had a very relaxing morning, and still managed to be at work 3 minutes after 8 rather than 3 ahead.

Work was an on going battle with my back and my brain.  It seems that being in pain really kind of fogs the brain.

6a00d8341c652b53ef019b00836dfc970c-800wiSo I worked on things today, but found that after lunch and one enormously long meeting….I found that I was kind of cooked.  I tried to do some graphs  but the results were really odd, so I finally just did maintenance things- like taking care of reporting flu cases.

After work, I had a massage from the new Massage Master.  I admit I had been looking forward to it since Monday.

The massage in itself was tough.  This type of “massage”  is not the spa type where you put on a robe, and a hot guy oils you down and you experiences long strokes or whatever.  I ended up almost coming off the table during a stretch, and then my knee again touched my ear.  He worked on all the problems spots and at one point as I was rolling over, I mentioned that this one spot on my side is where the pain was.  Turns out it was/is an Ab muscle.  After he worked on it a while he decided that it’s possible that this Ab muscle may have been what tweaked everything out in the first place.

We finished up and I noted with surprise that I was able to move more freely and that the pinchy spot was just gone.

I’m hoping the effects of the massage last a day or so, so I can heal and get going on the training.  My only fear is that this is fleeting relief and that tomorrow I’ll wake up all like this again.

20050613pretzelIf it can stay this good, I have high hopes for starting to get more active again…



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