30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Arrrugh.  It was such a Monday.

I actually broke the server at work.  You know the Computer Server.  Luckily I broke it later in the day.  When I called the IT desk, they suggested….I kid you not….that I turn the computer off and on again.  Hmmm.  I left work on that note.

Anyway. I am able to walk a little better.  I swam 750 yards today.  I could have done more, but just wasn’t feeling the love. I intended to blast the back with hot water in the shower but when I got out there was a swarm of little girls and boys in the showers, so I got dressed and headed to the Physical Therapy area.

My coach was working on some ladies foot.  I sat down very quietly and waited.  He eventually looked up at me and asked if I had time for the TENS.  He set me up really nicely and soon enough I was humming away.  I was really tired, and for the first time ever, I just really didn’t want to have much conversation with him.  I think he took it as depression, but I am just tired.  We had conversation anyway, but I think he did a lot of talking and I did a lot of “uh huh, yessing.”

I had a few TENS issues today.  My every time I moved my back would grab up at me.  Still just like before a few hours later, my back feels better.

Tomorrow, I have Massage with my new LMT.  I officially “broke up” with my old LMT today.  She took it well, I think in retrospect this was coming.  She and I had become too familiar with each other.  She seemed to have forgotten that she is providing me with a service.  During my session it was not uncommon for her to take phone calls, or exit the room to see who had come into the office.  In addition, I was really not feeling better during or after my sessions.  It wasn’t that healthy in the end.  Sometimes it’s good to move on.

TO keep myself occupied I’m  mostly doing Holiday shopping and working on new years resolutions.


  1. You broke the server? You must have downloaded 42 huge files and watched a 20-minute YouTube video at the same time in order to do that! 😀

    (Seriously, I doubt if you broke the server. Your computer probably decided to play hooky on Monday. 😉 )

    I had a masseuse who was also a good friend. He was very good, but then he was injured in an auto accident and stopped working for almost a year. When he returned to the massage studio, the quality of his massages declined and he often complained about being tired, in pain, unhappy with the manager, etc. I think he thought because we were friends, I’d put up with the crappy service. One day he hurt me, and when I complained he rolled his eyes. I never went back, though I never told him why. I feel bad I wasn’t more forthright and told him why I was unhappy with him. We never talked again, however.

    • You know, sometimes you have to just decide if something is worth it or not. In my case, and I think in yours, the relationship just wasn’t that valuable. I did learn a few things though, and so I am hoping to have a more valuable relationship with the new LMT…or maybe I should say productive.

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