30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


No training today.

I texted my Massage guy who said he had his TENS unit for me to borrow.  I came over and he showed me how to use it and sent me on my way.  I was sort of hoping he would put it on me and help me with it, but I was also hoping not to have to pay him anything, so, this is probably the best way.  Plus it really is easy to use.

As I was driving home, I decided to just go to the gym and get it over with. My back was pretty sore. I felt like this little tiny TENS unit was not going to do anything, compared to the E-Stim.

sports TENS_unit


So, I got some quick direction from the LMT, and on my way home decided to just get the gym over with.  I was kind of hoping the one guy I’m fond of that works there would be there, but…he wasn’t.

I got in the pool which was VERY cold- so great for my back.  I did some walking and some slow swimming.  I think the walking hurt more.  After about 800 yards of this I was very tired.  It was very hard to do actually and I felt annoyed and tired by the whole thing.  Dressing and undressing was a nightmare.  After I got redressed, I went, pulled out a large Ice Pack form the Physical Therapy Office era, crawled up on the large table and just lay there.  I let the cold really sink into my back and I contemplated my situation.  I  mostly felt tired.

When I finally got home, I pulled out the little bitty tens unit.  Stuck it on.  and turned it up.  Well.  Color me surprised.  It worked almost as well as the E-stim.  The only reason it didn’t work AS well is that there are only 4 electrodes.  I think my coach used 6 on me.  Plus, he was able to pack me up in ice on top of the electrodes.  It’s a bit harder to use these things on one’s own.  Still I turned up the power on the unit and it hummed away.

TENS unit works on the principle of blocking pain sensation of interfering with the pain signal that goes to the brain.  From what I have read on forums etc, when people with chronic pain take OFF the TENS unit, the pain returns.  I have not had that experience, With the E-stim, I actually didn’t feel any better immediately. But then a few hours later, I started to feel relief and more flexibility.  There is some statements out there saying that it also breaks up spasm, which could be quite possible, and that would be maybe why I am getting such good relief.   I’m really pleased as to how well it works.

After 15 minutes I turned it off and to my surprise, things did feel better.  I fiddled around, and was able to actually walk the dog.  I am grateful that I made sure to train the dog in the past.  I generally do not have to worry about him pulling on the leash or trying to meet other dogs/people.



He rarely, if ever does this.  This is a good good thing for me with a tweaked out back.  I did some cold packs and hot packs.

I’m really not used to having spare time like this.  Usually on the weekends I rush about doing errands, training, and such.  With the injury, all I really can do is sit or lay.  I can move about a bit, but I am not really able to maintain my fish tank or anything.

I studied a bit for the CIC exam.  Did a bit of dishes, and admittedly commented ALOT of facebook!

It really is a forced slow down.  I can get stuff done, but I have to choose what is most important and modify some of it.

I used the TENS again, and noted some more pain improvement.  Areas that had started to bother me again were pacified.  It is nothing short of amazing to me.

Got some plane tickets purchased for my Holiday trek north.  In some ways, I am feeling very relaxed.  I have no races planning until July, 2014.   I do not have to worry too much about training while up there, though hopefully we can get into the YMCA for their saline pool.

I am resting in the faith that this will be healed rapidly. I am nervous about going off the steroids on Monday….sometimes I do not do too well transitioning…

It’s not been lost on me that I just started to work with this new Massage Therapist…had a completely unprecedented back injury, and he happens to be very well versed in back injuries.  Hmmm.  I guess it’s true that God often gives you what you need, when you need it.

So yay for TENS.  Hoping for less need of it by tomorrow.

We’ll see how Sunday goes.

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