30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Why I Luuurve working with a coach continuation of the injury saga.

So I have tweaked out my back.  It sucks a lot.  But, I’m actually feeling pretty lucky.  Why.

Typically this is how a back injury works for folks.



You experience pain.  If it is only kind of severe, you self-treat with anti-inflammatories, heat and ice, rest…maybe Vodka if you are inclined!

When that doesn’t work, depending on severity you either call your Primary physician or head to the Emergency Department.

Depending on your physician, you may have to wait a day or so for an appointment.  If you go to the ED, you will definitely wait.  Back pain is AWFUL but it won’t kill anyone.

So thats a day down, where you are in pretty bad pain.

Get scripts fill scripts..Get referral to another MD from ED doc or to an ortho from your GP.

Ortho may prescribe an MRI.  It may take a week to get an MRI appointment.  It will then take a week to get it read…  If your Ortho is smart, they will prescribe PT as well.  Again it may take a week or more to get a PT appointment.

For me.  I walked in to the ED, saw an MD I have worked with for years without having to go through the rigamarole of ED nightmares.  I then emailed my coach.  Texted the Massage therapist.

Within about an hour, I had started on steroids, and muscle relaxers.  I text my new Massage guy and he has an appointment, but he safely asks that I have the coach look at it.  So I drag myself to the gym.  As described yesterday, Coach comes up with a bit of a plan…and send me on my way.

He essentially did a total rapid fire eval of my situation.  Again, no wait time, no bill.  Just HELP.



My coach is no angel.  He sometimes gets frustrated with me, and sometimes he gets really disappointed in me.  I have done something that I do indeed regret, and he seems to have forgiven me.  But he is really a guardian.  After talking with him, I felt safe, cared for and protected.

Then Massage.  This guy is stellar.  He helped me in a lot of ways, yes my back felt more moveable, but I also felt again safe and care for and protected. He knows a lot about back injuries and while he was working on me, he also was giving me information on how to heal this, and work arounds.

Today I had E- stim at the Physical Therapy office.  I crawled up on a high table..coach man attached some cold little electrode things to my back, asking a bit about where the nidus was.  I belated looke up at him and said, “Hey is this gonna hurt?”  He laughed reminding me that it was a little late to ask, but reassured me that it wasn’t gonna hurt.  After he got the electrodes in place, he packed my back with a nice ice pack.  he then turned them on and turned them up to my comfort level…it was not uncomfortable at all, but I really had that moment of thinking, “Yeah…this vibrating sensation isn’t going to help.”



After a bit, he came by, I don’t know if he said anything because I had my headphones in.  He pushed a bit on my back and moved the ice pack down…

I took some deep breathes and continued to listen to music.  After a bit, he turned the machine off, and turned down my music.  Pulled off the electrodes and sent me on my way.  I found after the treatment, yes I was still in pain, but I found I was able to move a bit better.  WOW.   I went to get the poor dog dog food…had to purchase the 5 lb bag for my back,  but I was happy to be able to complete the shopping trip.

I was also able to give the dog a walk..



He seemed happy.  I was happy.  With each movement, I felt that the back was loosening up more and more.  Every once in a while I got a huge spasm, but it was really easier for me. So Thumbs up for E-stim.

I texted the massage guy later to tell him how I was.  (He asked me to do so).  Turns out he has a TENS unit as well, and offered to let me borrow it over the weekend.

And this is why it is so great to have a coach.  I hope and pray by Monday…that this will be really gone.


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