30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

OK so.. WTH

Can I admit…. I swear I have a stupid black injury and pain cloud over my head.

After I wrote my entry for yesterday my back just got tighter and tighter.  I noted that I was having trouble walking.  I knew it was obvious because my poor poor long suffering dog was giving me the Look…

CIMG4588-600x450He knew something was going on, but not what.  I finally took 800 mg of Motrin at 1 am in am attempt to fix the pain. I got up at 5 am and took a very hot shower….and limped the poor dog around the complex for his morning constitutional.

I then struggled to get work clothing on.  I ended up being 3 minutes late to work because I just could not walk faster enough to the car or to the time clock at work.  BOO.

at 9 am I was due for another dose of motrin, so I took it and continued to work on desk projects.  By 9:30 I figured it had started to work.  Got up and went down to the ED to check on something.  I used to work ED, so I do have a bit of a relationship with the physicians.  I saw one of the more popular ones, and he looked at me and said, “Hey you look like you aren’t ok”  I bust out telling him my sad tale of “WTH happened to my back?”  He listened and whipped out his Rx pad.  God Bless Dr. M.  I checked on my stuff, and hobbled out of there with a script for prednisone and flexeril.  Prednisone is often my friend, never have tried the flexeril. So far I’ve taken just 1/4 of the dose I was supposed to take.  The spasms (or what I am calling spasms) has stopped, and I’m left with acute pain.  Out of desperation I texted my new massage therapist.  I want to have it worked on in case it can make it better, but I also feel stupid going to see MT twice in one week.   Because he is a man, now all of a sudden there are all these connotations.  Arrrugh.  He was actually super nice and texted me back that he had a time, and what he would be able to do.  He also asked me to go see my coach.  I didn’t want to, because My goodness, this year all of a sudden has been one thing after another.  I got to the gym, and I saw him duck into a workout room with his backpack, and I realized that this was his lunch hour…So did a bit of “stretching”  and sent him an email. We don’t text, which is odd, but…email works.

Eventually I got up off the floor and had to use the bathroom.  This is a project when one has back pain and it took me some time.  When I exited, and was waking back to the mat, I saw my coach looking for me.  He was great.  We did a few evaluations and he states he feels it isn’t disc related, just solidly tweaked.  He told me to go ahead with massage, and to get into the pool.  He also agreed me with that there were starting to be no more lessons to be learned and that this was starting to look like an attack.  (Yes Gentle readers, as attack by Satan.) The way I’m feeling, I had to agree.images-2

After doing some more work, he had an eval to go do- which is his real job, he took a minute to pray over me which helped me, and he then hugged me which felt strange and awkward…but I could tell he was really caring for me and helping me in the best way ever.

The new LMT was also very good.  He actually helped me out of the car, and carried all my stuff.  Took off my shoes for me, and put them back on…laughing that I really could have left them on for this.  He also actually positioned my body a great deal on the table because I am finding that turning left to right etc to be incredibly hard.  I think he’s a keeper.  My coach asked me today if I liked him.  Of course I said yes, I mean,  I am going back to him.  The Coach said, “yeah he’s really a nice guy, I like talking with him…”  and i could see where this might be going.  He is awesome, but I’m sure already connected with someone else.  I’m pretty content to let him address my gluteus muscle groups without getting grabby.

Got home, email from my coach and call from my boss.  mailed coach back decided to avoid boss call.  Hoping for great improvement tomorrow, and it may happen….

We’ve been ushering and inviting the holy spirit, and in general…when you come to the lord this way, the devil, well he’ll be removed.  Eagerly awaiting that moment…

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