30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Mini Tri & the miracle of tri shorts.

Wow did I ever have an unusual day!

I went to see another doctor in Orlando today.  Just a quick check up. I feel like I lately live at doctors offices.

Because it’s a drive, I made arrangements to meet up with a friend for breakfast.

It turned into a very strange shopping experience.  Apparently Clothing and TV’s are not the only thing that goes on Black Friday.

I found myself in a line at the local “Total Wine” shop being one of about 6 of us who lined up for a friend to purchase a 4 pack of this Bourbon beer…

He was very pleased for the assistance.

After we went out to breakfast and ended up at Anh Hong.  He is Vietnamese so I suppose thats par for the course.  I truly wanted pancakes but I got rice noodles and shrimp instead.  It was pretty good.

We then went to Track Shack.  Now, I don’t really adore track shack.    I’ve had some really BAD experiences there.  That said, this experience was VERY MUCH improved, or my expectations were lower?

I was able to try on the Cortana 3 from Saucony.

10199-1_2_58x58 10199-1_4_58x58 10199-1_3_58x58 10199-1_1_58x58


I’ve been running in the 2.  The 3 looked REALLY different.  But I just kid of walked around in it and found it was actually pretty nice and felt pretty good.  Because of course the price at the store was 140.00 USD or so I politely decline to purchase there.  They know we can get it online for less.  I did not get any advice from the sales guy so..I don’t feel that bad about using them to look/try before I buy.  I actually think I may still go to the Kinvara anyway because it’s much less expensive and in the long run… this may be a good thing.

They did not have my Nike Lunar Racers, so no chance to purchase them.  This doesn’t surprise me though as they aren’t really shoes that people would commonly come in a buy as a regular training shoe.   (See lowered expectations.)

We then ate up the 50% off rack.  Gear is expensive.  I make do with tech shirts from races, but they don’t give shorts out at races.

On the 50% off rack I found a pair of Tri-shorts.  These are shorts with slight padding in the seat area.  I’ve wanted a pair, but since I use the spin bikes mostly it seemed a bit of a luxury, if you will.  These were on sale for 30.00 USD, and looked fantastic on me.  I noted that because the padding was so slight, it didn’t give me the



Biker Butt…  Seriously.  If I am going to spend 100 miles on a bike, sure no problems, but I generally do 1 to 1.5 hours on a spin cycle and then must walk through the gym.

My friend went to the men’s rack and found a tri suit for 50.00 which is a pretty good deal.

We then parted ways and I hit the gym.

First up was a swim.  There was an event at our gym and so we were relegated to the “short lanes’  and the very undeep side of the pool.  I swam 2250 yards in about 4 feet of water.  After about 10-15 laps I stopped doing flip turns as I was a bit concerned that I might scrape my head on the pool bottom.  They had super heated the pool as well, which made me feel as if I was swimming in soup.. Hopped out and ran inside to start the bike.  I did pull out my brand new shorts.

Wahoo!!!!  Where have these things been all my life??  My spin was still a challenge, but a much much more comfortable challenge.

After an hour I hopped off, and decided to see how they ran.  I ran 1 mile.  It went pretty well.  Still feeling the lack of ability to accelerate and when dealing with hillage, I still felt certain things firing off that caused me to think twice.

Got home and found I was actually well tired out.

I know the Coach told me not to look at racing until i can run 10 miles again comfortably.  Well.  I’m looking at bunches of races.  I’m so enthusiastic that I am now without miserable 100% of the time groin ache.  I’m not registering, I’m just looking.  Browsing.


  1. I clicked on the link to the Track Shack and saw an ad for their luxury porta-potty that they provide to racers who buy $100 or more of merchandise. LOL! I could use one of those during some of my marathon cross-country trips. There never seems to be a rest stop when you really need it, and what’s out there sometimes is very minimal: in the Utah desert, there was one rest stop with no sinks, no water to wash one’s hands with.

    I wonder if they make bike shorts like that for men? My son the hipster biker often scoffs at the spandex-Lycra bike wear seen at sporting goods stores, but he also complains about having a sore butt after a long bike ride. He might actually wear something like your shorts if they didn’t have the big pillow-in-your-pants look.

    • mizunogirl

      They do!!!! Instead of Bike shorts…ask for Tri shorts. Since I know you are frugal like myself…. You can look on line at Sierra Trading post. I just got from there:
      1.swim shorts
      2.swim suit
      3.tweed skirt
      4.running shorts
      5.work sweater
      6. electrolyte replacement tabs
      7. palm tree socks
      For 109.00 The swim suit is a speedo and would normally cost 52.00 So go there…and look for male tri shorts. they are really still spandex, but you know you can wear spandex under anything and no one will be any wiser.

      • I love Sierra Trading Post! There’s a bricks and mortar store in Reno, and I’m often tempted to drive over some weekend and shop there. I bought a couple of microfiber capris to practice tai chi in, and they’re perfect, not too tight or form-fitting, but holds their shape when I’m bending over and stretching. (I wrote a review on the website, I liked them so much, lol.)

        I checked STP for the tri shorts, and saw the men’s. I’m wondering if my son would wear anything that short—he seems to prefer the cropped/capri-length pants for riding. (Do guys wear capris? Maybe that’s not the right term for them.) I might consider them for myself, though. The last time I went on a long ride, my bottom really could have used some extra padding.

  2. mizunogirl

    You know HG. I’m sure he knows about them, the only way he’s wear them is under something I think. Once you try you will never go back.

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