30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Update on injury and training.

Well, I am actually on the road to recovery.

Now, don’t laugh.  This song really is more for use with 12 step groups. I don’t have a substance abuse issue, but I sure have had an actual injury.

I gotta give some high fives to my coach.  This groin/adductor injury was actually kinda bad.  Since I’ve been working with him I’ve had tweas and stuff, but nothing that kept me from running for more than a week.  This was at least 3-4 solid weeks of misery.  It affected not only my ability to run but also my ability to rest comfortably.  In the past, I would have had to go to a physician, and get a referral to Physical Therapy etc.

Instead of waiting for an appointment, I went to the coach.  My coach was able to pretty much direct me to some workouts I can do…and to some people that could help me.  He also was able to keep my spirits up, kinda.  I was actually starting to feel super super distressed, but now….not so much.  Like always he didn’t hold my hand through stuff, but he did direct me to the right people, and investigate lots of options for me.  Kind of a good balance between “suck it up and deal”  and “Let me dry your tears with a silk handkerchief.”


I had what I’ve decided is my last acupuncture treatment on Wednesday. (I hope!)

The Physician is fine, but not inexpensive.  Plus, post treatment, about 4 hours later, I felt “cured”  I don’t like the super emphasis on homeopathy at his office, and also I found he was consistently looking for things to treat.  I thoughtlessly checked “headaches”  on the form as I occasionally get migraines.  Very occasionally.  Each week he asks diligently about headaches.  It’s kind of one of those places where it really benefits them if they can continue to have me come in weekly, but my budget can’t deal with it.

That Said.  My Opinion, skeptic and all is that for pain control and inflammation… Acupuncture works. I gotta say this last treatment was quite effective.  It is not entirely pain free, and there are definite unpleasant sensations with it, but it isn’t like getting 20 vaccines in you leg either.

After the treatment, I became the “Packet Pick Up” express…I drove the 2 hours to Melbourne Florida to pick up EVERYONE’s race packets for the Space Coast Marathon and Half.  I arranged to meet some of my other running friends who live in Melbourne for a meal after picking up.   As I stood around running zone, and tried on some shorts.  (Oh Rouching is a no no for a hippy gal!) I noted that my pain was just not present any more.


So between the acupuncture and the massage guy, I’m pretty well healed.  And just in time, right for me to attempt to earn the first of 5 medals in a 5 year series.  I do not think I will be attempting 13.1  But I do have a free entry in case I wake up on December 1 and feel like being a defiant person and undoing all the good work that has been put into me.

Space Coast is a free entry for me and a sponsored race, so I will be showing up there on Sunday in my “Run Juiced”  shirt to take some photos etc.  Most likely someone else will run with that number though.

We had a BLAST at dinner.  I almost didn’t want to go, as I had not seen anyone in a while, but then it turned out to be SO fun.


This is my friend Tanya and myself.  As you can see my normally brown hair is really BLONDE from the pool time.  (I’m in the purple jacket).

This morning I pulled the “Run one mile”  out of the hat for the week of workouts.  I did about 1.75.  One mile and then 0.75 at a walk jog.  I tried a new taping technique for groin injury with KT Tape.  The actual forum wasn’t useful, but Youtube was.

It seemed to work.  I felt kind of out of shape and so not thrilled at my own assessment of my fitness level, but I did run without pain.  After I popped some Ibuprofen and went out for turkey at a friends.  This time of year always makes me wish I wasn’t quite SO single, but you know, you take what you can get.

Now 9 hours later, excepting a run in with the dog, my hip groin area is still pain free.

I can tell from the run that I’ve lost speed.  I felt if I had been asked to accelerate, I’d have had a pain issue… but I gotta start somewhere.


  1. Hooray for no pain! It sounds like acupuncture does work, though I’d balk at having to go for more than three times myself, especially if it was pricey.

    Coming back from an injury is hard. I haven’t been to karate classes in two weeks because I’ve had bronchitis. Now I’m worried I’ll have lost whatever skills I’d acquired over the past month. My Sensei is like your coach however, in that he won’t baby me through a recovery. He’ll give advice and check for people who can help me, but he makes it clear it’s up to me to work through my own recovery.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I have been struggling with a bad knee too!

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