30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Take Care Mode

Last night I got home from the gym, and kind of took stock AGAIN with everything that has happened.

I am consistently amazed at my current predicament.  We are taught that if we work hard, and are dedicated, we will succeed. I worked SUPER hard.  It’s all here in this blog, lots of workouts, lots of choices made to support my efforts.  I was starting to see results.

10618490-work-hard-never-give-upBut….there is that other adage, or saying…

GET OVER ITWell.  I was feeling pretty icky.  Life is not fair.  Currently I have several friends dealing with injuries/illnesses that are far worse than mine.  Career limiting for some, and recreation limiting for others, and possibly life limiting for more.  There was a historic storm that devastated the Phillipines this week. Knowing this really did not make me cheerful, or feel much better, but it does help me to see things along a spectrum.

I hung around for a much longer than normal time with my coach last night, as he is doing therapy on my friend, so it is more acceptable for me to be in that area.  I was pleased that I could focus out on my friend a bit, even though I felt entirely selfish because while I was talking to her about her difficult situation, a track was running in the back of my head about mine.  I do think this is the way many of us operate…and I’m not so sure that there is anything wrong there.  I saw her today and we talked some more.  I’m just glad that my issue didn’t take away from my ability to listen to someone else, even if I was not the best listener.

When I got home, I realized how much Coach time I had gotten this week.  I first thought, ah well, I had questions.  Then I realized that I was really just wanting COMFORT, not information. logo_leanOnMe

He must have known that because he was very available to me.  He didn’t treat me as a delicate fleur, but he was definitely available. For most of the week, I admit, I was a little bit self absorbed, and miserable.  I know it wasn’t fun to be around, so more to his credit.

But I also know that I just have to get through this, and it does appear that I am on the tail end of the worst of it.  I anticipate starting to run again next week a little.  The funny thing is that this hurt SO much this week, that I was really starting to dread any kind of movement, so it seemed much more serious than it was….the pain was not the pains I am used to….those chronic type pains creep in and settle…making life difficult but this was an acute..red..pain…It hurt to move the hip around, I never wanted to move after I got settled.  Now, at the end of the week, I’m entirely able to move with little to moderate pain.  I was able to climb stairs.

So, now it’s up to me to take care of myself a bit.  After I realized that I was just desperately seeking some comfort, I kind of shook my head and decided to stop that immediately.  My coach is really super great, but he is not a psychotherapist.    I have good healing started.  My pain is well controlled.  I did everything I was supposed to today… Stretched, Foam rolled, swam.  Got a lot of walking in at work, due to an extreme work crisis.

87802667 Foam_Roller_Exercises swimmer


I did a bit of running in the parking lot when I got off work, like 0.10 of a mile.  I noted that the Adductor area of the hip is still SUPAH tight and stiff.  So I backed right off that and did the regular workout.

I gotta do my own self care, and my poor long suffering coach, Mr. Billy Goat Gruff Skeletor…I gotta give him a break too.

I hope to be back running by Monday.  If not…I really get to suck it up!

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