30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

And here we are.

This has been a very interesting week.  Painful.  and Upsetting.

Yesterday I had Acupuncture again.

This morning my groin area was MUCH improved.  No more…

7548648-bright-christmas-tree-with-stars-over-blackMy hip just felt stiff.

I am astounded at how much of a difference the acupuncture actually makes for pain.  I had an email waiting from the coach when I awoke this morning with pool workouts and a few bits of advice.

I went to the pool and was kind of sad that I couldn’t really get my swim suit on normally…My leg is stiff and to bend up the leg too much is still quite painful.

Slid into the pool.  I noted that after 2 rest days and a failed run, the water felt great.  It was smooth and a little silky.  I was SO glad I could swim.  I powered through the workout feeling kind of strong.  As I pulled myself out of the pool, ran into my Coach.  he was getting in.  I told him the area was feeling better, but that I thought the key was actually not running on it.  He agreed.

I wanted to talk more, but really it wasn’t because I needed anything, I just wanted some comfort.  He has provided SO much comfort that it really is getting a bit maudlin.  I am not dying, I just have an injury.

Tonight I went and met a new Massage Therapist.  I was TERRIFIED.

I DO NOT like to be touched.   I am not someone who can stand the gratuitous grabbing and touching that people do.  I am a bit high strung in this area.

But this guy was recommended by the coach and so I thought for certain that he could be trusted with my groin.

He was fantastic.  I told him I was nervous and he let me keep most of my clothing on.  He managed still to give a great massage and worked on all sorts of problem areas.  He worked well on the adductor and noted that it did not feel uniformly tight.  he asked finally if I had felt a tearing or ripping sensation in the adductor?  No, I have not, but he thinks there may be an actual tear at the insertion.

As you can see, this is a very personal area. It really is tothis man’s credit that he was able to deal with it and not have me entirely freak out.

Do I feel better?


all better1


I feel much much better, and better than I normally feel after a massage with my current massage therapist.  NOW…to figure out how to break up with my current massage therapist?  Yikes.  Luckily this week is a Holiday week, so I can cancel for that reason, and the next week I didn’t have scheduled, and so on and so forth.  best thing?  This person is less expensive too, so I can tip well…and still save money, and get a better result.

I went and saw the coach.  We talked.  I relayed what he told me, and Coach looked at me.  He slooowly asked, “Did ya sign up for February yet?”   I looked over at him and said, “nope”  And he said, well.  don’t.

He does not want me to think racing until I can run 10 miles again without pain.

I do feel sad and unhappy, but, I am also thinking…by the end of this weekend, things may be very different.

Praying for a Miracle.

My Coach told me yesterday that all I can do is be patient, dig into the word, and wait.  I found this music.  I do like Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver,  they sound really “Appalachian”  but that’s because they are.

Wow.  it’s pretty hard, but then again, it could be SO much worse.  I just wish I understood the lesson in this.

Hoping and Praying I can start to run on Sunday.  We’ll see.

I have not found it yet.



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