30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


Today went better.

I practiced that rare thing.  COMMON SENSE.

When I woke up the hip was stiff and sore and I was walking around very timidly. It hurt.  My walking looked kind of like this:

After I moved around a bit it got a bit better.

I went and cycled.  Oddly this song kept playing on I heart radio repeat.

So I took that as a sign.

The cycle really went OK. I upped the seat a little bit to see if that would relieve some hip pressure and it seemed to do that.

After the cycle, I limped off.  My friend was there and was like, “you are limping”  and I ‘m like, yeah I walked into the gym this way…

I foam rolled a bit and that actually helped more than I imagined it would.  I then hit the pool.

I didn’t want to pool run so I actually swam.  I was kind of fired up by some of my friends who are out at IMAZ today. So I swam 2 miles which took some time.  I then got out sloooowly.  And discovered that I could walk almost normally. Pivoting and such still felt hideous.

I was rewarded with a homemade cookie from my friend Cindy who works at the gym, and some adulation from the kids swim coach for my long swim.  Wahoo.

Now…gotta update the coach and await his plan for next week.  I have to crush it in the pool if I can’t run…Acupuncture Monday.  Lets all pray that this actually works.


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