30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Wacky Saturday

We are having very atypical Florida weather.  For a few days now it’s been foggy and damp.  Kind of cool, but really not very cool.

Today I was kind of torn about what to do about my workout.  It was supposed to be a 45 minute cycle and a 5 mile BRICK.

I knew I was not really supposed to be running.  My coach always says, just let your symptoms be your guide.  So the fact that my hip and surrounding areas still was painful, made me think that I would need to be swimming instead.

I got to the gym kind of late and decided to do an hour cycle and then hit the pool.  So I changed into my swim suit, then got on the cycle.  Right before that I kind of ran into my coach.  He was in the hall with a person looking very concerned saying, “But you will be there after the surgery right?  right?”  I heard him say, “I’m at work daily”  he then reached over and squeezed my arm as I shuffled by.  I got on the cycle and noted that the person he had been talking to was giving me the “look”  (Who is that talking to my special friend…).  My coach is popular.  I ignored the look because well, whatever.  He’s a great guy, but everyone tends to think he treats them “special”  and then they get sort of bent out of shape when they find out this is the way he treats everyone.  I’m grateful for the help he has given me.  Sometimes I think about where I’d be without his guidance, and well…I’d be more hurt. I’m also grateful for the way he does interact with the world.  It’s a lesson that we could all learn from…focus out.  Treat everyone just as you would want to be treated.

So I cycled.  On the stationary.214-1

For me the cycle was LONG.  I increased it from 45 to an hour because I thought I wasn’t running.  I figured I could do an hour and then swim some insane long swim like 5000 yards.  I can not recall ever swimming that much at one time, but I was feeling very irritated that I wasn’t running so I figured a HUGE swim would make up for it.

When I got off the spin bike, I discovered that my hip was looser than before, and that I was actually walking 99% normal.  So being the bull headed person that I am, I decided to try running.  The front desk lady who is a friend of mine, said, “Really you won’t get far”  I expected to run about 2-3 and stop.  When I got to the 1.5 mark, I was feeling great.  I had kept my stride kind of tiny.

Instead of this:



My stride looked like:



It was still actual running as my pace was pretty OK for most of the run.  At mile 2, I still felt pretty good so I went the extra half mile…turned around and started up what is a HUGE hill.  Running down it was not really wonderful and running up it was awful.  I ran walked it to deal with it, and all went well.  I finished up Mile 4 faster than the first 3, which is kind of funny because 4 has a significant amount of rollers in it.  Got to the top of “hospital hill at the start of mile Five and wow…My hip would not function.  I was limping. I think what I end up doing is something called a trendelenburg gait.



Anyway, I know a short cut so I only limped about 0.65 of a mile rather than the rest of the last mile.  I got a lot of looks.  Dragged myself back to the Physical Therapy area and encased myself in ice.  15 minutes of ice later, I was sadly not really any better.  I was MISERABLE and cursing my running.  I was grateful that my coach wasn’t present but also sort of wishing he had been…I have this fantasy idea that he would have took one look at this and had some kind of miracle cure…which is just a fantasy.  The cure is rest.

I managed to get to the car, pop 800 mg of Ibuprofen, and get home, where i promptly took a boiling hot Epsom bath and then went to sleep.  Several hours later, it is improved.

I still have the funny gait, but I can walk much better.

Worst part of all this is that now that it feels better, well, I want to do Sunday’s run.  What on earth is wrong with me.

Interesting thing, I have an appointment with an Accupuncturist on Monday for the hips and my left achilles.  I am very curious and excited, and HOPEFUL.



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