30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Pain and Patience.

I’ve written about this quite a bit before.

A great runner, and coach  Greg Strosaker  Once took a look at a few of my training logs, and stated simply,  “you are a patient runner”.


Comparatively, I suppose I am.  I run cautiously, I work with a coach who is quite cautious as well.  If things seem wrong, I pull out, rather than gut it out.  images-5

In general this has served me pretty well, but I have to admit, it can also be kind of a bit frustrating.  This year I’ve missed a race I was really looking forward to, and it would appear now my next race…is going to be a wash too.  I am doing it, but not seriously.

I have hurt my right hip.  I don’t really know how, but it had something to do with last Saturday when it started to bother me at the volunteer event.  I assumed wrongly that if I slept on it it would improve…then I assumed if I did enough spinning it would help.  I was wrong.  Tuesday I hoped that massage would “fix” it,  and it didn’t.  So by Thursday, I was actually limping.  I took it back to the Massage office and cried my eyes out as my therapist tried to fix the problem.  It got looser with her and somewhat better, but frankly…there is some small muscle injury there.  It hurts to walk or put weight on that hip.  I find that I calculate every move I make.  “Do I want to bother getting a second cup of coffee?  Do I really need to walk up to that unit and look around?”  A bit of Motrin improves things…but the pain is still there even with Motrin, which is, in a way, a good thing, since if it went away entirely I’d be running.

I finally stopped running on it yesterday.  Today…I have to get in the pool.

I gotta admit, I have had so many set backs since October, that it is now getting kind of hard to see the silver lining.  Mostly, I just wonder when exactly will my time be?  Like, when I am 90?



  1. Ouch. If you’re thinking about ways to skip having to walk and put weight on that hip, maybe it’s time to see a doctor? It sounds like you’ve done everything else to fix it.

    The universe must have been hit by a blast of negative energy, because it seems like everyone I know has had some sort of setback. I hope yours isn’t serious. It’s frustrating to have worked so hard at getting to a certain level of performance, only to fall backwards. But I think you’ll get back to where you were. Onward to the giant hamster race!

  2. mizunogirl

    I have an appointment for accupuncture on Monday. It’s most definitely soft tissue injury and nothing to be done but wait and maybe the accupuncture can help.

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