30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.


What a confusing day.

My Right Hip is bothering me.  It has been since Sunday.  I kind of hoped that the massage would take care of it, and while Mona worked on it…it really didn’t feel 100% better after the massage.  It was tender and sore, and I kind of felt like it was maybe part tightness and part slight strain.

I took the morning off, it got rather Florida Cold overnight- 57 degrees!

01-02-94webtoonCheck out Cartoonistry

At any rate, I took some extra home time, and decided to do this in the afternoon.  Sadly, a work meeting ran forever long.  I got out of work 30 minutes late, and committed to being at work 30 minutes early…and staying late again tomorrow.  😦

I had a 3 mile run and a 55 minute cycle- “NOT A BRICK”  so I did the run first, which was interesting.  My hip was sore as I started out, and I was very concerned…the debate:  Injury or tightness?  Lay off or trudge through it.  I decided to try it.  The run was enhanced with Wind.

It was blowing pretty steady 10-20 MPH and then gusting on occasion.  WHEW!  It was very interesting. My hip, like most things, started to feel slightly better as I ran.  I had a good run.  After…I had pain and was limping along.

I hopped on the cycle, high hopes that it would resolve itself with the spin action.  Yeah, not really.

SO now I am home, with Motrin and rest,  hoping it will feel better tomorrow?




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