30 weeks of Marathon training.

just a spot to write about the next 30 weeks….of running.

Tuesday! rebuilding.

Oh wow, it’s only tuesday!

Monday I did a run and a cycle…he noted “not a brick”  on there, so I did the run first and then the cycle.

Wow, cycle post run felt crazier than the run after cycle!

Still got it done.  Heard some great music on I heart radio’s  “I believe in the power of God” station.  Great Gospel.  I adore this station, I really love the rhythms and the message is also great.

Today was much much harder.  I could not believe the workout when I saw it.  2500 yard swim, arms and abs weights, and a 4 mile tempo run…later.

Today is my massage day.  so right after work I have to go to massage.  As makes sense, I do not like to try to go and workout right after a massage.  Especially the kind of massage I get, which today was miserably painful.

So, I got up at the crack of night, and ran the 4 miles tempo in a dark fog.  I struggled with the tempo, but was able to run fairly well.  It just wasn’t really fast.  So, it was more like a tempo effort with a regular run speed.  One thing that was positive is that I kind of had more even pacing through the entire run instead of 2 miles super fast and 2 dragging miles.  I really am rebuilding.


Not that fun, but also in truth, not that terrible.  It just stinks that it is smack in Race season.

Post run I hit the pool.  Just me and the Pool Vac.  I was for the first time ever startled by the pool vac.  Ah well.  I prevailed over the vac and all went well.  When I jumped out, the lifeguard apologized to me for not telling me about the Vac…I guess I swam on the wrong side of it!

Whew that was some early morning workout!!!  I was glad to hit work.  My legs are now currently STILL burning and achy and sore.

Golly, I am just a rebuilding maniac.  It is nice to see that I can still do some things, but wow, I am nervous that I may not be able to come back better than before!

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